Short documentary film Fortitude asks what it means to be Black and British

Behind the scenes from fortitude documentary film
William Adoasi behind the scenes of Fortitude (Image credit: Fortitude film)

Fortitude is a fundamental short film dedicated to voicing the stories and societal perspectives of Black Londoners, providing a platform for diverse groups to open up about race. Exploring what it means to be both Black and British, the documentary film aims to assist audiences in better understanding the ramifications of racist occurrences and the impact had on communities. 

Ron Timehin is an executive producer of the documentary, and also a Sony ambassador and professional photographer. Social activist and acclaimed British photographer, Misan Harriman, is also a contributor and cast member of Fortitude. With a long list of cast, crew, and contributors, Fortitude encompasses a myriad of voices from doctors to athletes and artists.  

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An exposition of the often unheard of and harrowing reality that faces Black Londoners on a daily basis, this short documentary film brings forward the experiences and perspectives of a minority during a time where racially motivated atrocities have taken centerstage across the globe.

Watch the trailer for Fortitude (Image credit: Fortitude film)

The film features model and activist Sabrina Elba, Editor-in-chief of Marie Claire UK Andrea Thompson, actor Stevie Gambles, punk-rock duo Nova Twins, and singer/songwriter Aaron Porter to name just a few. Shining a light on those whose voices tend to be heard less often, the individuals discuss similar encounters with racism and the subsequent implications affecting every aspect of their existence.

The entire cast, crew and partners behind Fortitude have generously donated their time freely to this documentary, therefore any proceeds raised will be going to The Black Curriculum charity, a social enterprise that aims to deliver black British history all across the UK. The Black Curriculum develop free and licensable resources for schools to use and teach students about Black history to remedy a wider systemic issue.

Nova Twins, Behind the scenes of Fortitude (Image credit: Fortitude film)

Misan Harriman was one of the most widely-shared photographers of the Black Lives Matter movement, and is the first black man to have shot a cover of British Vogue in the magazine's 105-year history. He is also the founder of What We See, providing only the most positive stories and content that the web has to offer. 

Harriman said of the production, “At a time when our hearts were broken, Fortitude presented the opportunity to collectively build ourselves back up in telling our truth, and telling our stories. It was an honour to be a part of this production”. 

Misan Harriman behind the scenes of Fortitude (Image credit: Fortitude film)

Fortitude at its core aims to promote dialogue and begin a conversation regarding the best means, both collectively and individually, by which to address issues of racism and drive a deeper understanding of racial inequalities in British culture.

The London based Audax Conceptual Collective and Treehouse Films came together in creation of Fortitude to provide a community of Black Londoners with a platform to speak freely on race, its ramifications, and where we stand today - one year after the appalling death of George Floyd.

Elwina Timehin behind the scenes of Fortitude.  (Image credit: Fortitude film)

The full cast and crew list contributing to Fortitude can be found below:

Sabrina Elba, Misan Harriman, Stevie Gambles, Jessica Simpson, William Adoasi, Kristof Skhosana, Ayo Dada, Nova Twins, Andrea Thompson, Saul Williams, Aaron Porter, TK, Elwina Timehin, Dinah and Candice Simpson. 

Director - Radford Nicholls 
Director of Photography - Joe Ransom Matt Rendell 
Editor - Marnie Holland 
Camera Assistant - Lloyd Cook 
Sound - Adam Davies 
Designer - Erlen Masson 
Photographer - Ron Timehin 
Copywriter- Sasha Prisajni 
Music Composer - Benson Herbert , Tom Field 
Colourist - John Grades 
Grading House - Pundersons Gardens
Executive Producers - Ron Timehin, Matt Rendell, Chuck Gul 

Fortitude will launch to the public on 17 December via free streaming platform, Waterbear , ad-free.  

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