Robert Pattinson uses a Nikon camera to shoot his own GQ cover

Robert Pattinson uses a Nikon camera to shoot his own GQ cover
(Image credit: GQ)

Robert Pattinson uses a Nikon DSLR to shoot his own cover photo for GQ's June/ July 2020 issue.

If, like me, you were a teenage girl at the height of Twilight mania (considering DCW's demographic this is somewhat doubtful), the current Robert Pattinson renaissance couldn't have come sooner. Over the past decade, Pattinson has been quietly proving his acting chops by working on a slew of excellent independent films. However, with two big blockbusters looming on the horizon (Christopher Nolan's Tenet and a Batman reboot), he's bursting back into mainstream cinema with a bang. 

To celebrate this reemergence, Robert Pattinson recently gave an interview with GQ magazine. Due to the lockdown in the UK, he shot his own photos for both the article and the front cover. However, unlike the self-shot Naomi Campbell cover for Essence magazine that used an iPhone, Pattinson used a Nikon camera.

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Despite doing a fair bit of squinting and making a failed attempt to look up the file information in Photoshop, it's hard to tell which Nikon camera Pattinson is using. However, it's definitely a full frame DSLR (our best guess is a Nikon D780?).  

(Image credit: GQ)

Aside from the entertaining and, at-times, bizarre interview (seriously, it's a bit of wild ride that includes a microwave blowing up and a frankly vile-sounding culinary concoction that consists of half a burger bun, cornflakes, sauce, sugar and pasta), Robert Pattinson's photos are actually pretty good. While there's no mention in the article of whether the Nikon is Pattinson's own, it's clear that he certainly knows his way around a camera.

With countries around the world in various states of lockdown, we wonder how many more self-shot magazine covers we'll be seeing in the future – and how they'll measure up to Pattinson's impressive contribution.

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