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Patents show a glut of new Canon RF lenses in the pipeline

Details from the patent from one of 12 Canon RF lenses – this one an RF 19mm f2.8 (Image credit: hi-lows-note)

In an exciting piece of news that will certainly interest Canon RF users, new patent registrations suggests that up to 12 fresh Canon RF lenses could be in the pipeline. The current Canon RF lens roadmap still has some gaps, so this news will likely be welcomed by users waiting for the perfect piece of glass for their photography projects.

The patents are for an extensive collection of possible new Canon RF lenses, ranging from an RF 19mm f2.8 lens to an RF 100mm f2 lens.

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The complete list of new patents for Canon RF lenses – each of them fast primes – is as follows:

• Canon RF 19mm f2.8
• Canon RF 20mm f1.8
• Canon RF 23mm f1.8
• Canon RF 28mm f1.4
• Canon RF 30mm f1.4
• Canon RF 35mm f1.4
• Canon RF 70mm f2
• Canon RF 80mm f1.8
• Canon RF 80mm f2
• Canon RF 82mm f1.8
• Canon RF 85mm f2
• Canon RF 100mm f2

It is certainly a comprehensive list, and of course it may be quite some time before we actually see any of these Canon RF lenses, as none of the ones indicated on these patents are on Canon's RF roadmap for this year. And it's highly likely we will not see all of them, given how close some of the specifications are.

The Canon RF lenses we will see later in 2021 include the Canon RF 100mm f2.8L macro, the Canon RF 400mm f2.8L IS USM and the Canon RF 600mm f4L IS USM.

What is clear is the rigor with which Canon is maturing its RF ecosystem. The company is now entirely focused on its full-frame RF mirrorless mount, having stated for some time that it doesn't intend to announce any new EF lenses for the foreseeable future.

After thirty years, there really isn't a lens that doesn't exist for the EF mount, so there isn't really much left for Canon to develop for it. 

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