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Oppo's 10x optical zoom camera phone is real and coming this year

Oppo has revealed at MWC 2018 that it is bringing its 10x optical zoom to a camera phone and we should all expect a handset this year. 

This comes off the back of a teaser that was launched back in January which hinted that Oppo was looking to revolutionize the camera phone market with its impressive zoom technology. 

At its event it announced that phone with a 10x optical zoom will be released in the spring and the quality you will get from this zoom will be "lossless". 

The zoom will be on a camera phone that utilizes a three lens setup. To get the zoom technology to work on the fairly slim body of a camera, it will use a 48MP lens, layer this with 120-degree ultra-wide camera and then there will be a periscopic telephoto camera over this. This is a marked departure from the multi-camera arrays being introduced on phones like the Nokia PureView 9.

In total, this setup means a range of 16mm to 160mm - do the maths and that's a hefty 10x optical zoom. 

In total, this camera module is a mere 6.76mm thick. 

Lossless zoom

Oppo offered up more information on its new optical setup, explaining: "10x lossless zoom is a new technology created with industry-leading camera specifications including a triple-lens camera structure consisting of a telephoto lens, ultra-wide-angle lens, and main camera."

It also revealed that optical image stabilization will be available on both the main camera and telephoto lens to stop any shakiness from the user. 

Ultra zooms are big things for camera phones at the moment. But some manufacturers are going in different ways to achieve the best zoom. 

Google, for example, is using something called Super Res Zoom on the Pixel 3 and this is done through some computational sleight of hand. 

We will see in the spring, if Oppo's lofty zoom claims are as good as they sound.