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Nikon School UK's new normal is permanent online presence

Nikon School UK announces permanent online presence
(Image credit: Nikon School)

The new normal at Nikon School UK is a permanent online presence. The educational section of Nikon Northern Europe has announced it will close its physical residence in Margaret Street, Central London. But fans of the Big N needn’t fear, it’s largely business as usual for Nikon's photo-tutoring outfit, which is embracing its new digital home and still set to continue its popular on-location courses.

Digital Camera World reported on April 20 that Nikon School had taken its most popular photography courses and adapted them for online viewers, in response to the UK’s lockdown regulations following the COVID-19 pandemic. Since heading online the photography school has taken over 3000 new bookings and has already educated over 2000 photographers. 

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Alongside traditional tuition, the school has scheduled talks with leading Nikon photographers including Hollywood film photographer Jasin Boland and official Game of Thrones photographer Helen Sloane. Nikon tells us that the quality of the courses hasn't suffered during the online shift, and that digital has even resulted in some additional benefits including split-screen learning and recorded sessions that can be viewed at a later date.

Nikon School training manager Neil Freeman says: “The response and feedback to this has been overwhelming and the move online will allow us to continue to educate and inspire both in the digital space and on location.” You can browse Nikon School’s online and on-location courses, covering a wide variety of genres including landscapes, wildlife and portraiture, alongside post-production workshops for Adobe Lightroom and Capture One, via the Nikon School UK website.

Here are some forthcoming Nikon School courses:

Virtual Landscape Tour: Snowdonia
Wednesday 29th July 2020
14:00 - 15:00
Cost: FREE

At Home With: Jasin Boland - Mad Max
Thursday 30th July 2020
10:00 - 12:00
Cost: £20.00

Digital Darkroom: Introduction to Lightroom Classic
Thursday 30th July 2020
14:00 - 16:00
Cost: £20.00

Want to help realise your Nikon camera's full potential? Discover the full Nikon School UK calendar here 

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