New leak suggests OnePlus 12 will get a considerably improved camera array

OnePlus 12 renders
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OnePlus is likely readying its next flagship phone, the OnePlus 12. Rumors are brewing regarding what kind of camera hardware it'll be packing, and according to long-time leaker Digital Chat Station, the upcoming handset will feature at least three image sensor upgrades.

In-keeping with the trend toward ever-larger sensors, the leak suggests the OnePlus 12 will get Sony's IMX966 CMOS sensor. This is the same 50MP resolution as the primary sensor used in the preceding OnePlus 11, however at 1/1.4-inches in size, it's significantly larger than the 1/1.56-inch Sony IMX890 sensor in the OnePlus 11. This means each individual photosite/pixel will in turn be physically larger, more light sensitive, and therefore less prone to generating image noise in low light. The new primary camera is also said to have an f/1.7 aperture, making it slightly faster than the f/1.8 camera in the OnePlus 11 - all good news for low light shooting.

OnePlus 12 render (Image credit: @OnLeaks,

The OnePlus 12's telephoto snapper is also rumored to be receiving an upgrade. At the heart of it is said to be a 64MP, 1/2-inch sensor; the Omnivision OV64B, which is also slightly larger than the 1/2.74 telephoto sensor in the OnePlus 11. The sensor is rumored to be fronted by a 70mm lens, effectively giving 3x zoom relative to the 23mm wide-angle camera. That would be a handy upgrade over the OnePlus 11's 2x optical zoom.

OnePlus 12 render (Image credit: @OnLeaks,

The 48MP ultrawide camera is expected to be carried over from the OnePlus 11, but the leak suggests the 16MP front-facing selfie camera will go, replaced by a 32MP sensor giving a 2x resolution boost over the old phone.

However, we're still a couple of months away from the reported January 2024 release of the OnePlus 12, so there's every chance the camera hardware could change by then.

Story credit: Digital Chat Station, via GSMArena
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