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New issue: Digital Photographer magazine Issue 213 is now on sale

The new Issue of Digital Photographer is now on sale!

In Issue 213 of the magazine we explore Dynamic Range in our cover feature. The capture of detail in our images, from the brightest highlights to the darkest shadows is a vital skill as an expert photographer. We discuss the best methods of managing difficult lighting, for images with texture and depth, to get the most from any scene. 

Wedding season is almost upon us, so make sure you are prepared by reading Tom Carlon’s feature on modern wedding photography styles. Learn about essential equipment, keeping up to date with wedding trends, flash techniques, exposure effects and post processing. 

When you’re finished perfecting your wedding photography skills, move on to Jake Hicks feature on creative portraiture, where he explains how to capture in-camera effects, using filters, choosing the right lens type, lighting styles and artistic techniques. 

Plus we have all of your favourite regulars - interviews, kit reviews, shooting tutorials and career advice. Get your copy of DP Issue 213 today!

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