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Master manual! July issue of N-Photo on sale – with a bunch of great freebies!

Issue 99 of N-Photo: The Nikon Magazine

The latest issue of N-Photo, the award-winning monthly magazine for Nikon DSLR users, goes on sale from 6 June. Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s in store…

Your Nikon is packed to the back buttons with clever tech that makes taking images a doddle: auto exposure modes give you perfectly balanced pictures; autofocus ensures pin-sharp shots; your Speedlight calculates precisely the right burst of flash to light your subject; and in-camera processing generates ready-to-print photos, straight out of the camera. But to leave everything to your Nikon is to cede creative control, so we’re encouraging you to embrace manual photography. It’ll not only give you a better understanding of the science behind taking pictures, but you’ll produce artful images that would be otherwise impossible.

And that’s not all. Also in issue 99 of N-Photo

Our Apprentice shoots the bright lights of London under the watchful eye of pro Jordan Banks. By embracing Manual mode and filters, he took amazing creative photographs of the nation’s capital.

We grill food photographer Donna Crous in the N-Photo interview, who tells us how taking tasty shots for her blog turned into a career.  

With summer around the corner, we put a selection of superzooms through their paces, with do-it-all focal lengths stretching from wide-angle to telephoto – and even super-telephoto – that are the ideal one-stop solution for taking on your holidays.

We also try out roller bags for safely transporting your treasured kit, and check out Tokina's 11-20mm wide zoom for DX Nikons, with a fast, constant f/2.8 aperture. 

And also have a great selection of projects for you to try. We'll help you finally understand what hyperfocal distance is all about, show you how to capture arty reflections in puddles,  shoot slow and wide with an ND filter and ultra-wide lens, and include foreground interest to really make your images sing. Plus, by popular demand, we bring you photo-editing tutorials in brilliant the low-cost Affinity Photo, as well as Capture NX-D and Adobe CC.

This issue also comes with a bonus Black & White Photography ebook, packed with inspiration for shooting your own monochrome masterpieces. 

Where to find N-Photo magazine

So rush down to your newsagent today. Or ever better, why not subscribe to a print edition, and have the magazine delivered to your door every month?

Alternatively, we have a number of different digital options available, including:

• Apple app (for iPad or iPhone)

• Zinio app (multi-platform app for desktop or smartphone)

• Google Play (for Android devices)

• Readly (all-you-can-eat digital magazine subscription service)

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