Manfrotto's cute friction arm is an ultra-versatile video accessory support

(Image credit: Manfrotto)

Manfrotto has launched new compact support accessories targeted at videographers who need to mount video accessories to a tripod or camera cage.

The 244MICRO-AA kit incorporates three elements: The centerpiece is Manfrotto's 244 Micro Friction Arm - a small 15cm-long, two-section arm with ball & socket attachment points at either end. The idea is to mount one end of the arm to a camera cage or tripod, then the other end can be used to mount an accessory such as an external monitor, microphone, or a small LED light. Max payload is a hefty 3kg, and friction is adjustable so you can tailor the arm to work with different payload weights.

(Image credit: Manfrotto)

The two other elements of the 244MICRO-AA kit are the attachment points at either end of the Friction Arm. At one end is a new 3/8-inch mounting point that also features two anti-rotation locking pins designed for compatibility with Arri camera equipment popular with professional videographers. The reversible steel plate containing the anti-rotation pins can be flipped over to convert the attachment to a standard 3/8-inch thread without pins, maintaining compatibility with more mainstream camera kit.

(Image credit: Manfrotto)

The other end of the Friction Arm is a 1/4-inch Anti Slip Adapter that features a stainless steel circular plate with a versatile 1/4-inch thread. The plate is topped off by a textured rubber surface that reduces the chance of the mounted accessory working loose as you change its position on the arm.

(Image credit: Manfrotto)

The 244 Micro Friction Arm has been available in various kit bundles for some time, but this new anti-slip/2-pin anti-rotation package is sure to appeal to anyone who needs maneuverable accessory support with reduced risk of their gear working loose.

The 3/8” two pin (Arri style) anti-rotation adapter and 1/4-inch Anti Slip Adapter are available individually for $31.99/£29.95 and $22.99/£20.95 respectively, while the 244MICRO-AA kit containing both adapters and the 244 Micro Friction Arm will set you back $119.99/£109.95.

Expect availability in October.

(Image credit: Manfrotto)

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