Lume Cube releases new bi-color LED panel - that doubles as a power bank!

Lume Cube releases new bi-color LED panel - that doubles as a power bank!
(Image credit: Lume Cube)

Portable lighting innovator Lume Cube has released the Lume Cube Panel, a bi-color LED panel made for videographers and photographers. However, not only does this compact light panel have up to 7.5 hours of light, it also doubles as a power bank that can charge your phone or camera. 

You can adjust the color temperature of the Lume Cube panel from 3200k-5600k by 5% increments. If you're running the panel on low power you'll have around 7.5 hours of battery. If you're using it consistently at high power, then you'll have a respectable 1.5 hours of battery life. 

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The panel is also conveniently compact, measuring in at just 151x80x9.8mm. For comparison, the iPhone X is only 143.6x70.9x7.7mm. It also weighs just 180g, making it the perfect companion for long shoots when you don't want to lug around heavy lighting kit. 

The Lume Cube Panel gives you plenty of control over your light output

The Lume Cube Panel gives you plenty of control over your light output (Image credit: Lume Cube)

One of the most exciting aspects of this product is the LCD control screen on the back of the panel. This little display screen shows you what color temperature you're shooting at, the brightness you've set the panel to and your battery life. Usefully, the screen also shows you what your predicted run time is based on your brightness setting.

The Lume Cube Panel also enables highly accurate color rendering. With a 96+ CRI quality rating, the panel's light output will help you portray the colors in your scene as accurately as possible.

CRI (Color Rendering Index) ratings measure the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce the colors of the object it illuminates. With a maximum score of 100, CRI values below 80 are considered poor while 90 and above are considered excellent.

With so many excellent features, the Lume Cube Panel looks like a fantastic bit of kit. We can't wait to get our hands on it to see exactly what it can do. 

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