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Brand new Lume Cube Air modifiers and accessories released

Brand new Lume Cube Air modifiers and accessories released
(Image credit: LumeCube)

Whether you're shooting remote landscapes, or you're in the comfort of a well-stocked studio, being able to control and direct your light is key. Luckily, not only is the Lume Cube Air a powerful portable light that fits snugly into any kitbag, it's now  complemented with a brand new release of lighting modifiers and accessories. 

While the Air was first released with two diffusers (one white and one orange) as standard, that was the limit to your control over its light… until now. Lume Cube has now announced a veritable buffet of accessories that allow you to hone and sculpt your light with kit beginning from as little as $10 / £8. 

Using the Air Modification Frame, a magnetic mounting system that attaches to the front of your Lume Cube Air, you can experiment with a wide variety of diffusers and modifiers, including barn doors, honeycomb grids and color gels. This frame is priced at $15 / £12 and is available separately for both the Air and the original LumeCube.

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The Lume Cube Air now has a range of modifiers to match the original Lume Cube

The Lume Cube Air now has a range of modifiers to match the original Lume Cube (Image credit: LumeCube)

While you do need to purchase a modification frame in order to access this brand new range, once you've invested in it, you can stack and mount multiple accessories to create custom lighting effects. Using pressure fit technology, the modification frame enables you to add and remove diffusion accessories with ease, without having to take your Lume Cube off your tripod or camera. 

To direct how your light falls, you may want to invest in Lume Cube's snoot or barn doors. Alternatively, if you want to control the color temperature of the light, Lume Cube offers a color gel pack (including red, green, blue and yellow) and a CTO warming gel pack. 

While each individual piece of kit is priced between $10-30 / £8-25, you can also purchase packs such as the Air Modification Frame, Snoot and Barn Doors for as little as $35 / £29. Alternatively, if you're feeling flush and want to fully kit out your Lume Cube Air, the Air Portable Lighting Kit Plus+ will set you back $185 / 152.

For tricky lighting situations on the go, the Lume Cube Air is a great little companion made even better by the arrival of these handy and affordable lighting accessories. 

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