Lume Cube announces Cordless Ring Light Mini for on-location lighting

Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Mini
(Image credit: Lume Cube)

Lume Cube, the company that made its name with tiny LED cubes that mount to a hotshoe, has announced its latest light – the Cordless Ring Light Mini.

It’s not Lume Cube’s first ring light, with the original Lume Cube Ring Light arriving back in March of this year. However, that ring light had a diameter of 18 inches – this new version measures 12 inches in diameter, and is designed to be much more portable for location shooting.

To that end, Lume Cube is emphasising the battery capabilities of the Cordless Ring Light Mini, which can run for up to an hour and a half on its included Li-Ion battery before needing a charge. It can also run on AC power, if you have access to a socket. 

(Image credit: Lume Cube)

We were hugely impressed with the original Lume Cube Ring Light, awarding it a coveted five-star rating when we gave it a full review. Though it’s pricier than its rivals, it delivers a powerful and flexible source of light with loads of options for video users.

This new version is not a huge departure from the original ring light, which was also capable of running off batteries for about 90 minutes. However, Lume Cube is clearly banking on the diminutive size of the Cordless Ring Light Mini for tempting YouTubers, TikTokers and other video creators who want to shoot outside.

It offers a range of colour temperatures, from warm 3200K to cool 5600K, and has a CRI value of 97, without flickering. There’s a digital display screen for fine tuning levels of colour and brightness, the latter of which can be set from 0 to 100%.

There are also mounts included for completely hands-free operation, suitable both for smartphones and cameras.. The device is rated to handle camera loads of up to 10lbs (about 4.5kg), which is enough for pretty much any phone or camera setup someone is conceivably going to use with it.

The Cordless Ring Light Mini on location. (Image credit: Lume Cube)

The stand is 6.5 feet (about 2m), and the ring light comes with a carry case for easy transportation. 

It’s on pre-order at the moment, but Lume Cube are expecting it to ship by November 1st. The RRP of the Cordless Ring Light Mini is $119.99, a good chunk less than the $179.99 RRP of the 18-inch version.

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