Lowepro launches four new eco-friendly photo backpacks for the great outdoors

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Lowepro has updated its range of camera bags with four new photography backpacks expanding its PhotoSport III range, and launches two new GearUp camera boxes to boot! 

Lowepro has announced four new photography backpacks, belonging to the eco-friendly and sustainably made PhotoSport PRO range. There's also two GearUp PRO camera boxes and a brightly coloured RunAbout backpack as well. Though the latter is more of a day-bag than photo backpack.

Lowepro's sustainable PhotoSport III range has been expanded with the addition of two new PhotoSport PRO backpacks: the PhotoSport PRO 55L AW III and PhotoSport PRO 70L AW III. Both are made from 85% recycled fabric and can carry a full frame mirrorless or DSLR with a vertical grip attached and a 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto lens mounted. Lowepro tells us there is also room for two extra lenses or a portable camera drone, plus space for accessories like charging cables and memory card readers.

Both the 55L and 70L backpacks will be available with two different shoulder strap options: one for small-to-medium torsos and another for medium-to-large ones, so you can pick the one most comfortable to your body shape. Padding and foam is also said to have been strategically perforated for flexibility where you need it and have placed more padding and curves in the strap where it helps most. 

The new PhotoSport PRO bags are modular in design and come with the brand-new GearUp PRO XL II camera insert. This is also available to buy separately and there is smaller GearUp PRO X II version too which can only be purchased separately (more details and pricing below).

The GearUp PRO XL padded insert can be accessed from both front and rear zipped doors on the new PhotoSport PRO III backpacks. The modular design makes the bags more versatile as they can be loaded up with either photographic kit or camping essentials like sleeping bag, tent or trekking poles or a mixture of camping and camera equipment depending on the requirements of your shoot. 

The new PhotoSport PRO backpacks also come equipped with a fully adjustable ActivLift™ system that is said to deliver outstanding weight distribution and breathability that assures optimal comfort even with the heaviest loads on the longest of journeys.

Four new PhotoSport PRO AW III backpacks

(Image credit: Lowepro)

The new PhotoSport PRO AW III backpacks come in two different sizes, 55L and 70L, and both come with two different strap options to make it more comfortable your body shape and size, taking the total of new photo backpacks to four

Both models come with the new GearUp PRO XL insert (more details below) which is modular and can hold a pro DSLR or Mirrorless body with a grip attached as well as a 70-200mm lens and up to two more optics (or alternatively a portable drone). UK and US pricing is below:

PhotoSport PRO 55L AW III (S-M) $469.99/£429.95
PhotoSport PRO 55L AW III (M-L)
PhotoSport PRO 70L AW III (S-M)
PhotoSport PRO 70L AW III (M-L)

Two new GearUp PRO II camera boxes

(Image credit: Lowepro)

Two brand-new GearUp PRO camera box padded inserts have also been announced: the GearUp PRO camera box XL II which is shipped with the aforementioned PhotoSport PRO III backpacks, thoughm can also be purchased separately (see pricing below). It weighs 0.4kg and can fit a pro DSLR or mirrorless camera body with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, plus up to two extra lenses or alternatively a small drone.

There's also a slightly smaller GearUp PRO camera box L II model which weighs 0.3kg and can fit a pro DSLR or Mirrorless camera body with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens but no extra space for additional optics or a drone. This smaller version is only available to purchase separately. US and UK pricing is below:

GearUp PRO camera box L II $44.99/£41.95
GearUp PRO camera box XL II

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