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LIVE: Sony FX30 is the latest edition to the cinema lineup with an APS-C sensor

Sony has launched the FX30, its latest cinema camera with an APS-C sensor get the Livestream low down here

Sony Fx30
(Image: © Sony)

That is the end of the Livestream, and we now know that the latest camera to be added to the cinema lineup from Sony is the FX30, equipped with a new back-illuminated Super35 APS-C size sensor that can capture 26MP still images and capture 4K UHD video with 6K oversampling. 

To find out more about the leap forward in imaging from Sony, you can read our review of the Sony FX30, or if you want to know all the specs, why not read our Sony FX30 news story that details all that is new with the Sony FX30, who it's targeted at, and why it might be the camera for you.

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Sony A9 II
Trust our Sony coverage
James Artaius

Digital Camera World's Editor, James has been a professional photographer since 2014 and has been a tech and photography journalist for 17 years. He has plenty of experience using the best Sony cameras, including photographing the Turkish Olympic teams with the Sony A9 II ahead of the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. 

We're just a few hours away from the big reveal, and already the comments section is ablaze with wish lists and crossed fingers about what to expect.

One of the most popular requests is integrated ND filters.

"If it gets built-in ND then I am going to buy it" (furkan ali)

And some very peculiar requests / guesses for what the new camera might be.

"Let's hope for a ZV-1 II announcement." (Martin Meramdzhiev)

"Its time to get a replacement for the Venice 2" (Andreas)

"Sony please make a YouTuber camera!! We need new RX100 iii !! With usb C" (dat boi)

So we are mere hours away from Sony announcing the company's latest camera to the cinema line-up, there have been many rumors about what this camera might be, and even the community on YouTube has suggested a few interesting ideas. But we will soon know all about this camera once Sony hits the LIVE button on today's Livestream event.

One of the most popular requests for this new Sony camera is integrated ND filters. "If it gets built-in ND then I am going to buy it" (furkan ali)

We are now just 2 hours away from Sony announcing their latest cinema camera to join the company's line-up - what this camera might look like and its specs are something unknown for now.

The Sony cinema line dates back over 20 years with the release of the HDW-F900, the world's first 24p digital cinema camera. It's Sony's expertise in sensor technology, image quality, and recognizing what filmmakers and creators want in a camera that has evolved the cinema line today.

Sony Venice

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony Venice 2

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony FX9

Sony FX6

Sony FX3

(Image credit: Sony)

We are now only 30-minutes away from finding out what Sony will unveil to the manufactures cinema lineup- The live event is taking place today at 10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST, which is 00:00 AEST. Right now, there is precious little information about the camera, other than that it will be part of Sony's Cinema Line, but as soon as we hear more information we will bring it to you - better yet you can watch the Sony Livestream with us as we have pasted it below for your viewing:

The chat is heating up in the YouTube comment section, all excited about this new release, only 621 are currently waiting with just 20 minutes to go, but I can see that skyrocketing once the live stream starts.

5 Minutes, this is a 5-minute call for the Livestream of Sony's new cinema camera! -watch along with us via the YouTube stream below:

And we are LIVE!

it look to be another small camera

It is called the Sony FX30, becomes the new edition to the Sony cinema line

new back-illuminated Super35 APS-C size back-illuminated sensor that can capture 26MP still images and 4K UHD video with 6K oversampling. 

Sony FX30

(Image credit: Sony)

Automatic ISO can change in slight-increments so you can continue capturing without worrying about highlight blow out.

The FX30 can capture 4K video at up to 120p, though there is a tiny crop factor of 1.04x for 4K 60p and a larger crop factor of 1.4x for 4K 120p .

Users can also import their own LUTs to capture the image just how they want it to look in post.

FX30 can aslo capture video at 10-bit 4:2:2 All-Intra quality and offers a choice of XAVC HS 4K H.265, XAVC S 4K H.264, and XAVC S-I 4K H.264 recording formats 

FX30 will feature advanced Auto focus and a new Active mode for those that like to shoot handheld, which can smooth out your footage, saving you time editing.

Sony FX30

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony FX30

(Image credit: Sony)

The FX30 can also be connected to computers and laptops and be used as an external webcam

Sony are pitching the FX30 as a "first camera" for those serious about taking their filmmaking to the next level with professional features.

The FX30 will be supplied in two versions. The ILME-FX30B is the body-only version and will sell for £2,100 (about $2,260/AU$3,498), but there will also be an ILME-FX30 version that includes Sony’s XLR adaptor/handle unit, which itself has a further three mounting holes. This version will sell for £2,500 (about $2,690/AU$4,160). 

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