Leica Q3 coming in 2023 with a 60MP sensor?

Leica Q3
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Update: 19 July 2022: A new leak has had its way into the world relating to the new Leica Q3 camera, announced and spotted by Digicame-info, it confirmed that within a Leica FOTOS App update, data was sourced to show two code names, Leica Wilson and Leica Rene.

Within this leak pictured below it is clear that the code name "Wilson" is referring to the expected Leica Q3. We have also heard from Mr Stefan Daniel, Executive VP Tech and Ops at Leica AG in a interview confirmed Leica is working on a Q3 stating:

"Yes, there will be a Q3, for sure we will not stop here as the Q line-up has become a part of Leica's product portfolio, but it is not for this year".

This might be disheartening for some loyal Q-series fans however, it makes sense if Leica would like to introduce the 60 megapixel sensor, therefore not taking away users from its flagship Leica M11 rangefinder camera for the time being.

Leica Q3 codenamed "Wilson"

(Image credit: Digicame-info)

Original Story: The Leica Q3 rumors have started rumbling, with the latest reports that the new camera will launch in 2023 with a 60MP image sensor. 

Of course, the Leica Q3 is set to be the successor to the ever-popular – and DCW favorite – Leica Q2 (along with special edition versions such as the Leica Q2 Reporter).  

According to a report by Leica Rumors, the manufacturer is expected to announce the Leica Q3 next year. This would line up with a screenshot taken from the live Leica M11 launch video, where it showed three white spaces for future Leica cameras behind head designer Mark Shipard – and within these empty slots were the road maps to the Leica S, Leica SL and Leica Q camera series.

With these rumors it is also expected that the Q3 would be equipped with a 60MP sensor. This would make sense seeing as Leica already has access to a 60MP sensor, which is already in the flagship M camera, the Leica M11

Previous allusions to the new camera included a leaked image of a Leica Q model seen on the Leica Fotos app, when it was updated to support the Leica M11. However, the image of the Leica Q was not that of the original Leica Q or the Q2, but apparently the Leica Q3.

Leica Q3: What we know so far

(Image credit: Leica)

The Leica Q2 was released back in 2019, the successor to the popular Leica Q, both feature the iconic fixed 28mm Summilux f/1.7, and the Q2 brought a 47.3 megapixel sensor, auto focus and high res OLED viewfinder of 3.68 megapixels. The popular Leica Q2 Monochrom variant specifically designed to shoot in black and white only was then released at the end of 2020.

Needless to say these two cameras have been incredibly popular with loyal Leica customers and those looking to buy into the Leica eco-system for the first time, but the Q2 was launched back in March 2019, and with the introduction of the M11 to Leica’s flagship rangefinder M line-up and the vast technology improvements that come with it, it is safe to say that some of these improvements would potentially make their way to a new Leica Q3.

From the spotted leaked photo on the Leica Fotos app it is clear that Leica will a add a larger screen that is tiltable to the new Leica Q3, and that the button layout has changed; when compared to the back of the Q2, the new Q3 sees an extra function button located to the top, above the screen, while the three side buttons have been removed to make way for the bigger screen. The menu and play buttons have now been relocated  opposite sides to the thumbwheel.

What we want to see 

• 60 megapixel sensor
Of course we want to see the new sensor of the M11 inside the Leica Q3, with its multi-resolution sensor capable of producing 60, 36 and 18 megapixel images while utilizing the full frame of the sensor. However, it would also be nice to see this feature used as a crop, like in previous Q models, so if your 28mm is too wide, simply select a lower resolution and gain extra focal length on your lens.

• Monochrom variant available at launch
It has been a staple of the Leica roadmap to introduce a color sensor camera and then within its life cycle introduce a monochrome variant with added features and sensor improvements from user feedback. It would be nice to see a color and monochrome sensor available at the same time, so black and white shooters don't have to wait their turn to be able to use the latest camera and technology.

• Higher shutter speeds
Again, introduced on the Leica M11 was the use of 1/16000sec shutter speed thanks to its new electronic shutter mode. While this high speed might not be used in most cases for street photography, an area with it very popular with Leica Q/Q2 users, it would be great to see the 1/2000 of a second shutter speed bumped up to at least 1/4,000 with its mechanical shutter or 1/8000 of a second with the use of an electronic shutter. 

So far these are the latest rumors available to us. However, you can be sure that more will follow and we will keep this page updated when they are announced. For now, those who are looking at the Leica Q2 as a possible upgrade to their existing setup or wanting to buy it to get into the Leica eco-system, we would say the best time to buy is now, as there is no real time confirmation to say when a Q3 could potentially be released in 2022.

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