Leica announces new firmware for Leica SL and SL2-S – including internal 4K 10-bit

leica sl2
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Leica has released new firmware updates for the Leica SL2 and SL2-S cameras, bringing a host of improvements including the addition of 4K internal 10-bit recording (for the former) and autofocus refinements.

Firmware version 3.0 for the Leica SL2 mirrorless camera promises improved eye, face, head and body recognition and focus tracking, which will make it even easier to make sure your subject is sharp and in focus. Leica also announced that Enhanced Live View will benefit from better low light image composition control and will include an Image Overlay feature, which enables you to align the camera based on the position of the previous image.

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In terms of video upgrades, you will now be able to achieve internal 4K, 10-bit recording at 50fps and 60fps with the H.265 codec. The SL2 will also be capable of recording 10-bit codec between 150-200MB/s, meaning you can achieve the same image quality but at less than half the data size. 

Other updates include segmenting video so that recordings will be split into 1-minute segments to avoid data loss, an upload function for Look Up Tables (LUTs) and a waveform monitor for professional exposure valuation of the video signal. You will also be able to define three set points for automatic focus shifting while shooting video using the FN buttons. Automatic follow focus can be adjusted in video and live view additionally to predefined sequences. 

The Leica SL2-S will also benefit from a new firmware update, version 2.1, which includes improvements to the user profile so that the camera remembers whether it was last used in photo or video mode, better automatic follow focus as with the Leica SL, improved image overlay, performance gains for highlight-weighted metering, plus improvement for the Leica Fotos smartphone app.

For anyone who uses the Leica SL2 to shoot video, these latest updates will offer an improvement of the quality of footage you can get out of the camera while reducing the file size and coincidentally, data transfer time. For full instructions on how to perform the firmware update, head to the Leica website

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