Interfit unveils Badger Beam strobe at The Photography Show

Interfit unveils Badger Beam strobe at The Photography Show
(Image credit: Interfit)

Interfit will be unveiling its latest strobe light, the Badger Beam 60W LED Monolight COB light, at one of The Photography Show's Burst Mode sessions tomorrow. The Badger Beam is an exciting update from Interfit, combining the ability to plug into the mains with a battery that gives 45 minutes of light when shooting at full power. 

To see more about this exciting strobe, visit the Burst Mode virtual stand at 13:00 on Monday 21 September to see us quiz Interfit about this latest release. Don't forget that you'll need to register for The Photography Show if you haven't done so already!

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With a 60W Daylight LED light and multiple modifier options, the Badger Beam LED Monolight is both portable and flexible enough to be used in a variety of different shooting situations. With the ability to run silently (with no fan noise) and a flicker-free output, the Badger Beam LED Monolight is great for videographers and smartphone users too.

The Interfit Badger Beam has a 2,900mAh battery that's designed to allow users to be completely untethered during their shoot. This battery recharges in just 80 minutes and you can easily keep tabs on how much battery life you have left on the LCD display. 

Excitingly, the battery pack for the Badger Beam is removable – this means that you can swap it out mid-shoot and replace it with a spare battery so that you can keep shooting without having to wait for it to charge.

(Image credit: Interfit)

There are plenty of modifier options available for the Badger Beam, including Interfit softboxes, a reflector dish and barndoors with gels. The Badger Beam also includes an 8mm hole to fit an umbrella shaft through. All of these light modifier options means you have plenty of creative opportunities to explore when shooting.

We'll be sitting down with a representative from Interfit to ask them about the Badger Beam and how both photographers and videographers can get the most out of this exciting lighting product. Make sure to check out the Q&A session at the Burst Mode stand at 13:00.

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You can pre-order the Interfit Badger Beam at the Interfit website, with shipping due to begin in the first week of October.

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