Ilford Pop-up Darkroom is perfect solution for developing analog photographers

Ilford Pop-up Darkroom
(Image credit: Ilford)

Ilford has come up with a great way of adding a darkroom without you needing you remodel your home. The fold-way all-black construction is essentially a tent that has been made big enough for you to stand in, and to put in a table to put your enlarger and printing trays on. The Ilford Pop-up Darkroom is being shown for the first time at The Photography Show, in Birmingham, UK - which opened its doors today for its four-day event.

The external metal frame is approximately 2.2m tall when erected and should fit in most standard ceiling height rooms, says Ilford, while still creating a workable 1.3 x 1.3m space to print while standing or seated.  

A durable light tight black material clips to the frame while an accompanying ground mat offers protection for your flooring and can be fastened to the darkroom material. 

Ilford Pop-up Darkroom comes in its own carry bag (Image credit: Ilford)

A built-in air vent at base of the darkroom allows for an optional fan / air blower to be used and once sealed the incoming air will also expand the inner dimensions. A smaller vent is also included closer to the top of the darkroom to attach air extraction tubes (not included). 

The whole contraption fits in a supplied storage bag measuring 68 x 25 x 25cm and weighing 8kg / 17.5lbs.

The retail price has not be set yet, but Digital Camera World has been told that when the Pop-up Darkroom goes on sale in November it will sell for around $320 / £220.

Ilford Pop-up Darkroom

Ilford Pop-up Darkroom at The Photography Show 2021 (Image credit: Future)

To accompany the darkroom-in-a-bag, Ilford are also launching a Darkroom Starter Kit - that they have produced in conjunction with Paterson. This will include:

• 1 x Ilford Multigrade RC Deluxe Pearl Paper 8x10” 25 sheet box

• 1 x Ilford Multigrade Developer 500ml bottle

• 1 x Ilford Ilfostop 500ml bottle

• 1 x Ilford Rapid FIXER 500ml bottle

• 1 x Paterson 1200ml Graduate Cylinder

• 1 x Paterson 150ml Graduate Cylinder

• 1 x Paterson Chemical Mixer

• 1 x Paterson Thermometer Small (9”)

• 3 x Paterson 8x10 Trays (Red / White / Grey)

• 3 x Paterson Print Tongs (Red / White / Grey)

• 1 x Paterson Micro Focus Finder

This gives you everything you need for film printing - apart from an enlarger and a safelight - and will retail for around $150 / £125.

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