Godox announces new R200 Ring Flash Head for its modular flash system

Godox R200 Ring Flash Head
(Image credit: Godox)

Godox has released a new ring flash head for its AD200 flash system. A ring flash is a popular light source for producing shadowless illumination ideal for flattering portraiture, or macro/close-up shots free from the harsh directional shadows typically produced by a regular speedlight-style flash.

The Godox R200 Ring Flash Head is unlike most ring flashes, in that it must be used in conjunction with Godox's AD200 or AD200 Pro flash body. Simply swap out one of the conventional speedlight head attachments for the ring flash head and the AD200 is converted from a directional speedlight to a ring flash. A simple clip and lock attaches the R200 Ring Flash cable into the head socket.

(Image credit: Godox)

This can then be supported on an included adjustable folding bracket compatible with most cameras and lenses, which in turn has its own 1/4-inch mounting point to attach the whole setup to a tripod or monopod. Alternatively, the AD200 can also be used off-camera with or without an umbrella using an umbrella bracket.

(Image credit: Godox)

The Godox R200 ring flash head features a 200Ws max power output, TTL automatic exposure metering, a multi-mode for capturing muliple exposures on one frame, and a built-in LED modelling lamp with adjustable power. Godox also offers a range of optional grids, diffusers, and reflectors to further enhance versatility. The AD200 flash body is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery which should help speed up flash recycle times.

Godox R200 Ring Flash Head

(Image credit: Godox)

The Godox R200 ring flash head is available soon, priced at $279. It'll need to be paired with a Godox AD200 or AD200 Pro flash body, which will cost an additional £299 or $349, though both units do come with a regular speedlight head and a bare bulb head, increasing versatility.

Godox R200 Ring Flash Head

(Image credit: Godox)

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