Fujifilm's new Instax Mini Link 2 adds AR drawing feature to the portable printer

Instax Mini Link 2
(Image credit: Fujifilm Instax)

Fujifilm has announced the latest edition to its line up of portable wireless printers, by introducing the new Instax Mini Link 2 smartphone printer. 

Following the original Instax Mini Link, and the recent release of its newest wider format smartphone printer, the Instax Link Wide, this latest effort could be the best Instax printer yet, with many additional interactive features included. 

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Available as early as next week, the latest in the Instax portable wireless smartphone printer range will offer a host of inventive new features when compared with its predecessor. These include personal frames and color modes that will help to enhance the mood of an image, a new and exciting feature called instaxAiR, and the return of the Match Test feature. The device will also be available in the colors Soft Pink, Clay White and Space Blue.

Did you ever see those Disney Channel clips where the show stars would have to draw the Disney channel logo using some sort of green glow stick? Or for the older generation, think of it as light painting. That's essentially what the new instaxAiR feature is intended for - allowing users to draw in the air with the printer, holding it kinda like a Wii remote that you can draw with. 

It is said that instaxAiR will work by holding down the function button on the top of the Mini Link 2 and swinging your arms to enter the virtual world . If the printer vibrates, it means that it's working, and users can draw anything they please whether it's an umbrella, doodles, or maybe a heart, it will be displayed in the app and on your images to print.

Other new features of the Instax Mini Link 2 will allow users to draw with their smartphones, by using AR to add personal frames to images via the app. Different brush type will be available such as spray paint, bubbles, glitter etc to vandalize your photos and add in a moustache where appropriate. 

The QR code feature that was recently introduced with the release of the Fujifilm Instax Link Wide will be compatible with the Mini Link 2, and includes a hidden video feature where users can embed a video of themselves into the printed code, than can then be scanned and played back for fun anytime. 

(Image credit: Fujifilm Instax)

The design of the Mini Link 2 looks almost identical to the original Mini Link, with a deeper-striped texture and a new function button at the top of the printer is what will be used to draw in the AR mode. Many of the older features of the Mini Link are making a return including Match Test Mode, an all-new Go with Your Instinct Mode, and the ability to print stills from a video. 

The suggested price of this unit will be $99.95 / £114.99 / AU$179 and is available to order now. 

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