Recreate the top Instagram photo spots from Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris
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The hit Netflix show Emily in Paris returns to screens today for a third series, and some photography experts think they've discovered all of the locations that Emily Instagrammed herself in the show – ideal for fans and tourists who want to travel to the French capital themselves.

If you haven't seen or heard of it, Emily in Paris has been one of Netflix's most popular shows yet. Season 2 debuted in the Global Netflix Top 10 and 107.6 million hours were viewed in the week after its Dec. 22 release. The program follows Emily Cooper (played by the actress Lily Collins), a twenty-ish American who transfers to Paris with work and starts a new life in the city. It's not been without its controversy though, with some finding the show inaccurate, ridiculous, and at times even offensive. 

In the shot, Emily starts an Instagram account to document her new life and quickly becomes (because this is TV, not real life) a successful social media influencer. The success of the Netflix show itself has sparked a new trend as tourists visit the locations featured in the program and recreate their own Instagram posts. has revealed six of the most stunning locations featured in the hit show and told tourists how they can walk in Emily’s famous footsteps. All you need now is a travel camera or one of the best cameras for Instagram!


(Image credit: ParrotPrint)
  1. Place de l’Estrapade
    After arriving in Paris, Emily uploads her first Instagram post – a selfie in her new apartment with a view out the window. Captioning it #roomwithaview the pretty street below, Place de l’Estrapade is where Emily lives. Charming buildings line the square with gorgeous architecture, fountain features, and greenery for fans of the show to watch the world go by at Emily’s Parisian home.
  2. Palais Royal
    The Palais Royal gardens are where Emily first meets her new best friend, Mindy. She uploads a picture of the two children Mindy is nannying and playing in the gardens. This former royal palace has its gardens open for the public all year round. The Palais Royal is a peaceful escape in the heart of the French capital featuring over 500 trees and thousands of pretty, colorful flowers.  
  3. Boulangerie Moderne Bakery
    With her Instagram followers now steadily racking up, Emily snaps a pic with the owner of Boulangerie Moderne, the bakery she regularly buys delicious Parisian pastries from. Just over the road from her apartment, the bakery exists in real life and is a popular tourist hotspot for yummy bakes and fresh bread. Right across the street is also Gabriel’s restaurant - the Terra Nera Italian restaurant in real life also hosts Emily in Paris fans regularly. 
  4. The Sacré-Cœur
    Emily and Mindy enjoy a night out visiting spots across the Montmartre area of Paris. Definitely, one of the most Instagrammable neighborhoods in the city, pretty Parisian architecture and delicious restaurants line the streets. Fans of the show can eat at La Maison Rose and visit the Sacré-Cœur too, just like Emily and Mindy do. This second most popular tourist destination in Paris is well worth a visit - the Sacré-Cœur is a magnificent-looking church and is free to look around. 
  5. Les Pavillons de Bercy  
    The fairground museum features on Emily’s Instagram stories as she and her friends having a party night out. By day it’s a majestic museum showing off to the public historic and restored fairground rides and attractions. In the evening, the space can be hired out for events, just like in Emily in Paris. The series of rooms invite visitors to learn about the 19th-century French circus and fairgrounds and marvel at the glamorous-looking historic attractions. 
  6. La Château de Sonnay 
    A three-hour drive from Paris, Champagne is the filming location for Emily’s marketing campaign for Champère Champagne. She snaps plenty of Instagram photos whilst staying in Camille’s mansion in the French countryside. This stunning mansion is actually a historic castle from the 13th century and now operates as a winery. Fans of the show can enjoy a tour of the ground and wine cellar, as well as wander around the beautiful Champagne region.

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