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Digital Photographer magazine issue 215 is now on sale

Digital Photographer magazine Issue 215
(Image credit: Future)

The new Issue of Digital Photographer is now on sale! 

Water plays a critical role in many landscape images, from coastal views to scenics featuring lakes, rivers and waterfalls. In our main feature this issue we explore some of the key ways to work with water - shoot your best seascapes, capture wave action, use long exposures, recreate stunning reflections and catch waterfalls at their most dramatic.

Next go wild with David Southard of Wild Arena, who has written a feature on shooting amazing wildlife images at zoos and safari parks. Learn to plan for a shoot, overcome the problems of barriers and fences, shoot from vehicles and apply essential post processing fixes. 

Once you've enjoyed David's guide, move on to Tom Carlton's feature on family portraits. Here Tom describes how to pick the best locations, choose the best kit, work with children, master group shots and use varied lighting.

Plus we have all of your favourite regulars - interviews, kit reviews, shooting tutorials and career advice. Get your copy of DP Issue 215 today!

(Image credit: Future)

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