Confirmed: iPhone 15 is coming in two weeks. Will your Wonderlust be triggered?

Apple iPhone15 Event Art
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Apple has gone and done it – the clock is definitely ticking for the iPhone 15 launch, called the "Wonderlust" Event by Apple, which will take place at 13:00 EST, 18:00 BST on September 12 (03:00 on September 13 in Sydney).

As well as the new iPhone 15, Apple is expected to use the event to introduce new AirPods – or at least new cases with USB-C charging ports – as well as an Apple Watch Series 9 and a revised Apple Watch Ultra. There has also been some discussion over whether Apple might include a camera strap, or include a camera, with that device.

The center of attention, though, will be the iPhone 15 family. We've kept our eye on the latest rumors with our iPhone 15: What we know so far page, but things seem to be coalescing around:

  • 3-nanometer A17 processor in the Pro & Pro Max
  • USB-C charging port across all phones
  • Customizable 'Action button' to replace mute switch
  • 5x or 6x Optical zoom via periscope lens for Pro Max only
  • Price rises, for Pro models at least

The price rises seem to be considered an inevitable response to wider inflationary pressures in the market, as well as an overall lowering in the rate people update their phones. The later is expected, by analysts, to mean corporate responsibility "requires" Apple to try and earn more from their phones by increasing prices if unit sales aren't doing the trick any more.

The other thing which seems to be causing a lot of discussion is the still unconfirmed periscope lens – the technology behind a more powerful zoom lens. Because it is physically bigger, most think it'll only fit in the larger 'Pro Max' phone, but that marks something of a change from recent iPhones where the camera blocks have been the same on both Pro models.

Oh, and since Apple used to like a 'One more thing...', another relatively recent rumor is that Apple will focus attention on the new USB-C charging by introducing colored braided charging cables. Perhaps they're hoping this will make the 'choice' to switch to the world's standard charging connection seem more like Apple's decision and less like a pro-environment directive of the European Union!

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Whether you're thinking of splashing out or more excited by the prospect of a price drop for the iPhone 14 check back here nearer the time, we'll be covering the event live.

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