Check out this ingenious bird feeder photography using charming mini figures

David M Bird
(Image credit: David M Bird / IG @davidmbird)

Nature photography can be one of the hardest to grasp initially, especially when your subject is timid and may startle at the sound of a close shutter. Bird photography in particular is often assisted by using feeders to entice your shy subjects, with a manual focus set ready and waiting on the centre frame. 

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Ex-Lego designer, photographer and illustrator David Bird invented adorable bird feeders which he calls 'Becorns' created using sticks, pine cones, acorns and other natural materials. The Becorns are placed in locations to attract wildlife and dominate the image captured (in the best way), bringing the scene and interaction with the birds to life. 

"The seeds for Becorns were planted when I worked for Lego, designing warrior action figures for their Bionicle line. I fell in love with the process of inventing characters and stories out of the abstract bio-mechanical parts." describes Bird on his official website. "When I left Lego, I missed it, and the never-ending supply of building parts… until I looked into a pile of sticks and realized I had all the parts I need."

Bird studies where the animals like to go, and that's where he would aim the camera with the Becorn figures set in place. Waiting inside with a cup of tea and remote trigger has to be the best method of bird watching, and photography for that matter. Bird gave laser triggers and motion detectors a go, but without much luck.

Aside from capturing delightful images of birds feeding from the Becorns, David also puts together short videos showing his process of building a Becorn and how he manages to capture stunning photography using them. His most recent video humorously documents the 'Attack of the Squirrels' and destruction of the poor Becorn he named "Joonie" from squirrel and chipmunk feedings. 

Bird sells prints of his work on his online store, with the highest priced image, Seeds' N Snugs, available to purchase for $220 printed on paper or metal. Be sure to follow Bird on his Instagram and keep an eye on his website to see more captivating Becorn photography and video updates. 

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