CES 2023: Amazon's new Ring Car Cam brings Alexa along for the ride

New: Ring Car Cam announced at CES 2023
(Image credit: Amazon Ring)

Ring has announced that its clever and competitive security monitoring technology will now be available to watch over your car. Taking the form of a small and discreet camera, this Ring Car Cam will record your view as you drive, with an additional camera facing toward the driver seat for an inside look at your car. 

Both a front and rear live view of your car will be accessible anytime, acting as a deterrent to ward off any thieves with a two-way communication system, motion detection, and night vision. It will give you the same peace of mind as you get with the best Ring cameras, allowing you to keep an eye on your vehicle no matter where you decide to park, with GPS included too.

The world's most influential trade show, CES 2023, has been making all of our tech dreams come true lately, announcing developments with ASUS laptops and 3D imaging, as well as "life-changing" Panasonic glasses for the visually impaired, and now Ring has stepped up to the plate with the latest announcement of the vehicle security Ring Car Cam. 

Available for pre-order now, the Ring Car Cam from Amazon will begin shipping to US customers as early as February, priced at approximately $249.99 (£205 / AU$360). However, you might want to get your Cam pre-ordered now – as the Ring Car Cam is currently available at a lower price of $199.99 (£165 / AU$289 approximately) for a limited time only during the pre-order stage.

Owning one of the best dash cams is a great way to protect yourself and your vehicle while on the road, documenting every shred of evidence should you need it for an insurance claim. But Ring has taken it a step further with the Ring Car Cam, able to alert you if someone is attempting to steal your car in a parking lot, climbing into your car boot at a gas station, and can even let you know where your car is parked should you forget, with a built-in GPS function. 

As can be seen from the promotional video above, Ring has been pulling out all of the stops to make this smart security device one of the best front and rear dash cams that offer top-of-the-range monitoring, all controlled by the Ring App.

Two cameras, one dual-facing, are equipped with Night Vision and able to detect plus record any suspicious movement, providing you with the clearest picture of any activity to help keep you alert of a potential break-in or collision while parked, with real-time alerts when motion is detected.

(Image credit: Ring)

Check-in on your vehicle at any time with Live View and Two-Way Talk via the compatible smart Ring App when your Car Cam is connected to your home wifi, or using LTE as provided through a Ring Protect Go subscription. The Ring Car Cam also offers a unique feature called Traffic Stop, which will record several minutes of action if the user says, “Alexa, record,” even if the car is stationary or parked. This feature would be extremely helpful in instances if you are pulled over or congested. 

The dual-facing camera has the option to record both when your car is in motion, and when it’s turned off - should any movement be detected. The Car Cam plugs into and is powered by your vehicle’s battery - via the OBD-II port - and can be securely attached to your car windshield and dashboard, with the cable neatly tucked away. 

Ring Car Cam Live View (Image credit: Amazon Ring)

For those a little worried about the Ring Car Cam and Alexa's always-recording and always-listening design, the company has included a privacy shutter that can be switched over for the inside-facing camera, which easily disables the interior video and all audio when it is covered over, to retain privacy and control. Just don't forget to re-open the shutter when you lock or park your car. 

Ring Protect Go is a service that can extend your Ring vehicle protection, with an LTE cellular connection for the RIng Car Cam enabling you to access live view and other features when your car is away from your home Wi-Fi connection, such as when you're grocery shopping and wish to view your vehicle in the parking lot, or if you've left your vehicle behind at an airport. Users can subscribe to Ring Protect Go for $6 per month or $60 per year.

Ring Car Cam  (Image credit: Amazon Ring)

Ring's Chief Technology Officer, Josh Roth, has shared that "I’m always humbled by the stories of how Ring has made a real-world impact, like when Ring Alarm stopped a burglary from happening in Ontario, California, or when footage from one of our cameras helped lead to the arrest of an attempted kidnapper in Ohio, and of course, the number of times our devices helped families find missing loved ones who accidentally wandered off."

What do you think of this newly-announced smart dash cam from Ring? Let us know!

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