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Best front and rear dash cams: dual dashboard cameras in 2021

Best front and rear dash cams
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Why might you need the best front and rear dash cams? Hopefully you'll never need a record of a collision while you're driving, but if such an event does occur, having your car kitted out with these devices can be hugely handy. The best dash cams will record a super-clear driver's-eye view of the road ahead. However, these versions cover both the front and rear, giving you that extra bit of peace of mind. 

After all, crashes don't always happen front-on. Being able to capture forward and backward-looking footage simultaneously gives you much more coverage. These cameras will often save both sets of footage to the same microSD card, which means you need to get one with decent capacity. This goes double if you're shooting at higher resolutions like 4K UHD. Which some dash cams can do!

It may surprise you to learn that dash cams shoot at such high resolution, but more detail is always welcome, and you may find yourself thanking your lucky stars. The two cameras often interface via a physical camera that will run through your car; it can be connected to the roof to keep it out of sight and out of mind. You will probably want to get this done professionally, to make sure it's all secure and safe.

Rear dash cams can also function as a useful back-up camera, helping you reverse for that tricky parking situation. 

You want to consider a few factors when buying your front and rear dash cam. Resolution is something we've mentioned, and there's also wireless connectivity, which is an option for some models and can be handy if you want to quickly review or back up your footage. Some models also have handy extra features like an LCD screen for instant footage review, though be aware that this does add to the bulk of the unit. If you want something small and unobtrusive, best stick with the simpler models.

We've scoured the internet for the best front and rear dash cams you can buy right now. We've picked out models at a broad range of price points, so there should be something for everyone. 

Best front and rear dash cams

Editor's Choice

(Image credit: Thinkware)

1. Thinkware U1000

Best front and rear dash cams overall

Video quality: 4K front, 2K rear | Viewing angle: 150 degrees front, 156 degrees rear | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: No

Excellent 4K video quality at front
Speed camera and red light warnings
Front camera is quite big
No LCD screen

Thinkware’s current flagship dash cam, the U1000 can be set to record in Ultra HD 4K at 30fps, or 2K 1440p at 60fps. While 4K sounds great, we would recommend the higher frame rate and lower resolution, as this will help you identify details like number plates when the footage is paused. Ultra HD video files are also huge, so can be a pain to store and transfer.

The optional rear camera shoots 2K 1440p video at 30fps through a 156-degree lens, and is compact enough so not to be distracting when stuck to the inside of your rear windscreen.

As with the Q800 Pro, the U1000 has GPS and a suite of driver assistance and safety systems, including red light, speed camera and average speed warnings.

There is no display, but the U1000 is still quite large. This should be fine in most cases, but some modern vehicles now have large forward-facing camera and sensor rigs of their own, located close to the rear view mirror. This could make it tricky to place the U1000 in the optimal position on your windscreen.

Best front + rear dash cam: Viofo A129 Pro Duo

(Image credit: Viofo)

2. Viofo A129 Pro Duo

Best front and rear dash cams at an affordable price

Video quality: 4K front, Full HD rear | Viewing angle: 130 degrees front, 140 degrees rear | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: Yes

4K UHD looks great
Good overall user experience
Quite bulky
Big files and no card included

While it's not one of the better-known names in dash cams, we're really impressed with the Viofo A129 Pro Duo. In terms of quality of footage, its front camera is one of the best around, capable of capturing 4K UHD, utilising its 8.29MP Sony Exmor R sensor. You also get multiple bit-rate options and H.265 high-efficiency video coding. If you're looking for dashcam footage that's a cut above, this is a great pick.

The rear camera isn't quite as high quality as that of the Thinkware U1000, being only Full HD rather than 2K in terms of resolution. This may well be more than enough for your needs however, and it still looks pretty darn good. You also get some useful extra modes such as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Super Night Vision, meaning you're always prepared no matter the weather and lighting conditions. 

The camera units themselves are rather bulky, and can't be removed from their mounts. The front unit especially is sizeable, which is partly due to the LCD screen. If you're not bothered about an LCD screen and want a smaller dash cam, it may be worth considering one of the others on this list. Otherwise, this is a really solid buy. 

(Image credit: Kenwood)

3. Kenwood DRV-A601W 4K Dash Cam & KCA-R200 Rear View Camera Bundle

Best front and rear dash cams for reliable performance

Video quality: 4K (front), 1440p QHD (rear) | Viewing angle: 161 | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: Yes

Solid performer
Good picture quality
GPS and Wi-Fi included
Lacks extra features

Kenwood is a brand you’re most likely to associate with in-car speakers, but they do dash cams too. And this front and rear dash cam bundle is pretty impressive, with high picture quality indeed. 

This dual cam bundle offers 4K resolution at the front and QHD (1440p) from the rear. The use of HDR (high dynamic range) tech helps alleviate the problem of harsh shadows obscuring details like license plates. A detachable polarizing filter helps guard against glare and reflections. And the viewing angle of 161 is wide indeed.

Set up is nice and easy. Built in GPS receiver helps you to pinpoint the exact location of incidents when making an insurance claim. A LCD display screen lets you use video playback to review your footage. And it comes with a 64SD card too. There’s nothing particularly special or unique about this front and rear dash cam bundle, and it lacks some high-end features like Alexa or speed camera recognition. But overall it does a solid and reliable job, time after time.

(Image credit: Garmin)

4. Garmin Dash Cam 66W and Auto Sync

Garmin's system allows you to use up to four cameras

Video quality: 1440p with HDR at 60fps | Viewing angle: 180 degree | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: 2.0-inch LCD, 320 x 240

Compact size
High resolution and HDR
You need to buy two or more units
Need plugging in (battery 30 mins)

The Garmin Dash Cam 66W is one of our favorite dash cams – but it can be used as a dual dashcam, too. That's thanks to Garmin’s smart Dash Cam Auto Sync feature, where up to four compatible cameras can be set to record at the same time. That way, you could fit dash cams to the front and rear of your car, but also facing out of the sides, which could be particularly useful for larger vehicles like vans and motorhomes. Obviously, this means you do need to buy two or more cameras (as these are not sold in kits) – so factor that into your comparisons

This Auto Sync feature is not exclusive to the 66W; it also works with Garmin’s 46, 56, Mini and Tandem dash cams. The latter has two lenses of its own, to record the interior of the car as well as the exterior. 

As for the Dash Cam 66W itself, it records in 1440p (so a little higher than Full HD) at 60 frames per second and with HDR. It also has a 180-degree wide angle lens. Unusually for a dash cam, the 66W has a battery. But it only lasts for 30 minutes, so you’ll really want to plug in for most journeys, or permanently hardwire the camera to your car.

(Image credit: Nextbase)

5. Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera

Best front and rear dash cams with Alexa

Video quality: 1440p (30fps), 1080p (60fps) | Viewing angle: 140 | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: Yes

Alexa voice control
3-inch screen
Wi-Fi connectivity
Not 4K

Like the idea of talking to your front and rear dash cam? Then check out the Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera, which comes in-built with Amazon Alexa assistance. This means you can tell the dash cams to start recording, as well as asking Alexa for directions, to play music, to give you news and weather updates, to make a call and so on. And given that you don’t want to be doing anything distracting with your hands or eyes while driving, this is one situation when voice control really is handy.

Picture quality is decent too, allowing you to record at either 1440P at 30fps or 1080P at 60fps through the F1.6 lens, with clever software that optimising the colour and lighting of your footage whatever the conditions. It also records audio if you want, although this can be switched off if you don’t. 

Also note that there’s a very decent 3-inch HD screen; you can connect to your phone using Bluetooth 4.2 and Quick-Link Wi-Fi via the free app; and you can set the device to automatically alert emergency services of your GPS location in the case of an accident.

(Image credit: Blackvue)

6. Blackvue DR750S-2CH

Best quality front and rear dash cams for subtle visibility

Video quality: 1080p Full HD 60fps front, 1080p Full HD 30fps rear | Viewing angle: 139 degrees front and rear | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: No

Compact design
Front camera shoots at 60fps
No display
Fairly narrow lens

Blackview’s DR750S is a compact dash cam which lacks a display, but is small enough to be all but hidden behind your rear view mirror, preventing driver distraction. Both cameras of the two-channel version shoot at Full HD, although the rear has to make do with 30fps, compared to the front camera’s superior 60fps.

Both cameras have a 139-degree lens, which is a little narrower than others, but there is an argument that a wider lens can distort images to the extent that the details (like exactly where another vehicle is in relation to your own) can be tricky to determine accurately. We think 139 degrees is fine, but we wouldn’t want to use a dashcam with a lens narrower than that.

As there is no display, videos are managed on the Blackvue app, which is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Videos are saved to an SD card, but can be transferred from the camera to the app over a direct Wi-Fi connection. As well as Wi-Fi, there’s also integrated GPS to add speed and locational data to your videos.

(Image credit: Blackvue)

6a. Blackvue DR750-2CH LTE

Best front and rear dash cams with cellular connection

4G LTE cellular connection
Backs up imagery without need for mobile phone
No display
Extra cost of cellular service

A step-up model from the Blackvue DR750S-2CH (above), the Blackvue DR750-2CH LTE adds its own 4G LTE cellular connection. That means you can back-up and cloud services even without your smartphone, giving you another level of reassurance when you and your loved ones are out on the road.

(Image credit: Zenfox)

7. Zenfox T3 3CH

Best front and rear dash cams that include interior monitoring

Video quality: 2560 x 1440P 60fps front, 1080p Full HD 30fps rear, 1080p Full HD 30fps interior | Viewing angle: 160 degrees front, 140 degrees rear, 140 degrees interior, | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: Yes, 2 inch

Best dash cam for taxicab drivers
Budget price
Built-in screen
Screen is small

This front and rear dash cam goes one better by offering a third camera that monitors the inside of the vehicle as well as the outside. This is great bonus for those who carry paid passengers (see our separate guide to the best Uber dash cams), but could also help settle family arguments. The interior camera benefits from infrared too, so can help keep an eye on things when your car or truck is parked up overnight. With a 1440P 5-megapixel camera up front, and 1080P two megapixel cameras middle and rear, the Zenfox offers a great set of features for the price. What's more, this is one of the few multi-camera models that has a built-in screen, albeit a small 2-inch LCD.

(Image credit: Thinkware)

8. Thinkware Q800 Pro

Best front and rear dash cams for driver assistance features

Video quality: 1440p front / 1080p rear | Viewing angle: 140 degrees font and rear | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: No

High resolution front camera
Speed camera alerts
Cloud storage
Can take up windscreen space

Q800 Pro is a high-end dash cam from Thinkware, which features high-quality 2K video (that’s a resolution of 1440p), lane departure warning, and a speed camera alert system. The camera also offers advanced night vision capabilities, shoots through a 140-degree lens, and has integrated GPS.

By understanding the movements and distance of the vehicle ahead, the camera can also warn you if it thinks you are going to crash into the car in front. It can also be set to sound an alert when the car ahead moves away and you haven’t noticed.

Thinkware’s dash cams are shaped differently to most others, and despite being expensive the Q800 Pro does not have a display. This is a deliberate move to limit driver distraction, so instead there are a few buttons to adjust settings, and you can take more control via the Thinkware smartphone app.

The rear camera is much smaller and shoots at Full HD at 30fps through a 140-degree lens. It plugs into the front camera using a long cable and both record to the same SD card held in the front camera.

(Image credit: Blackvue)

9. Blackvue DR590-2CH

A simpler pair of Blackvue dash cams at a lower price

Video quality: 1080p Full HD at 30fps front and rear | Viewing angle: 139 degrees front, 140 degrees rear | Integrated GPS: No, but external GPS is an optional extra | Screen: No

Compact, subtle design
Full HD front and rear
No GPS or Wi-Fi
Not as wide-angle as some

A cheaper option from Blackview is the DR590-2CH, which has the same slim and subtle design as numbers 6 and 6a on our list, but lacks features like Wi-Fi and GPS. The former means you’ll have to transfer videos via the included microSD card, and the latter means your videos will lack location and speed data, unless you buy Blackview’s optional GPS module.

Those drawbacks aside, this is a good option for drivers on a more limited budget, but still want good quality video from the front and rear of their car, and from cameras which can be tucked almost completely out of sight. As well as preventing driver distraction, this makes the camera less visible to potential thieves.

Both cameras record at Full HD at 30fps, and both have a 139-degree lens.

(Image credit: Thinkware)

10. Thinkware M1 Sportscam

Best front and rear dash cams for motorbikes

Video quality: 1080p Full HD at 30fps front and rear | Viewing angle: 140 degrees front, 140 degrees rear | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: No

Good for motorbikes/all-terrain vehicles
Water- and dust-proofed
Needs to be hard wired
No built-in screen

If you are looking for a dual dash cam system for a motorbike, then this Thinkware system is what you need. A hard-wired system, this a serious step up from a helmet camera, giving you two-way coverage of the road in ahead, and what is coming up behind. 

There are four components to the system. The two cameras are identical, with 1080P full HD capability and a wide 140° view. There's also a remote control console, and the central hub that includes a microSD card slot. There is no screen, but this Wi-Fi and GPS enabled system connects to your smartphone to check, download or delete recorded imagery. 

The M1 Sportscam is not just for bikers. This weatherproof dash cam is also a great fit for snowmobiles, dune buggies, tractors and other all-terrain utility vehicles.

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