Can it already be too late to get this Disney Lego camera for Christmas? (Or is that a leftover Black Friday price?)

Girl building Lego 43230 Disney Tribute Camera set
(Image credit: Lego)

It might not be something I mention at lot at Digital Camera World, but I love to play with Lego. I also love to lecture people about the correct plural for multiple Lego pieces (hint: it's not "Legos") – but that's not important right now.

Lego has done a brilliant job of keeping atop the building toys game, even after the patent crucial to the company's original success expired. The key has been partnerships with major brands that appeal to all ages (I'm sure I'm not the only grown man who craves a Lego Millennium Falcon... am I?) 

Anyway this year, Lego has partnered with the top of the Disney brand tree to create a 811-piece set that represents an iconic movie camera from the golden age of cinema (and the birth of Disney). There are several tweaks for those in the know, of course – the film reels form the zeroes of the number '100', while a specially created reel of film depicts Lego versions of classic Disney characters.

(Image credit: Future)

Look closely and you'll see scenes from The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, and The Little Mermaid amongst many other animated classics. As if that weren't enough you can play with (or prevent your children from playing with) real Lego minifigures of Bambi, Mickey and Minie Mouse (both in Black & White), Walt Disney himself, and Dumbo. (If you are a fan of minifigures, check out our feature on Lego photographer Minifigures).

Lego Walt can also sit inside the camera housing with his sketch pad and animate away, revealed when you open a hinged panel on the side of the camera – a nice little secret to show your friends.

Let's be fair, it is a wonderful gift for Disney fans, Lego fans, Camera fans, Cinema lovers, and any combination. So realizing it'd be hard to find nearer Christmas I thought I'd check it out now and I discovered that a certain well-known river-themed retailer had run out (though had a few 'other sellers).

The first shipping date I saw was in 2024. Then I looked again, just now, and things have already got better. Moreover, I also spotted a couple of leftover Black Friday prices...

You might also want to look at our best cameras for kids guide (and don't forget they also love drones for kids this time of year).

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