Are the Blink bundle deals for Prime Day actually a scam? I did the math

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Even before Amazon's legendary Prime Day, some early access deals have begun including – and this won't be a surprise – smart security cameras from the Amazon-owned company Blink. At first glance, they're massive discounts, but that's only the price of the camera; what happens when you factor in the subscription costs?

• Are the Ring Prime Day deals as good over a year or two? 

Blink Outdoor Cam 3 PACK | Was $249.99 | $104.99 Save $145 on the 3 PACK

Blink Outdoor Cam 3 PACK | Was $249.99 | $104.99
Save $145 on the 3 PACK Three easily-installed cameras powered by long-life batteries that last for up to two years, available in black or white.

Blink Floodlight Camera$74.99Save $64.99

Blink Floodlight Camera | Was $139.98 | $74.99
Save $64.99 What makes this floodlight system stand out is that a long-life battery powers its 700 lumens of motion-triggered light, so no cables need to be run to install it.

Blink Outdoor Solar + Sync Was $164.97$74.99 Save $89.98

Blink Outdoor Solar + Sync | Was $164.97 | $74.99
Save $89.98 This package deal includes an outdoor camera, a solar panel charging mount and a Sync Module 2, all available separately but much cheaper together now!

Blink Mini Pan-Tilt CameraWas $59.99$29.99 Save $30

Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Camera | Was $59.99 | $29.99
Save $30 You can turn and tilt camera in any direction using your phone (or Amazon Echo Show), and remotely talk to someone in the room. Great for pet and baby monitoring.

Blink Video Doorbell$29.99Save $30

Blink Video Doorbell | Was $59.99 | $29.99
Save $30 Battery powered so easy to install without wires, this doorbell lets you speak to callers when you're not home (or don't want to answer the door).

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ItemOn Day SavingMonthly costAfter a year (with sub)After 2 years
Blink Outdoor x 3 Bundle$125 | 58%941.5%32%
Blink Floodlight$63.99 | 46% 337%31%
Blink Outdoor + Solar + Sync Module$89.98 | 54.5% 345%38%
Blink Mini Pan Tilt$30 | 50%332%23%
Blink Doorbell$30 | 50%332%23%
TOTAL SAVING if all bought$358.97 | 53%1046%39.7%
Amazon Prime membership | 30-day free trial

Amazon Prime membership | 30-day free trial
An Amazon Prime membership is vital if you want to take part in Amazon Prime Day and get the best discounts on Ring and Blink security cameras – but you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial to get around paying any extra fees! Just make sure to cancel before the trial period ends.

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