3 Legged Thing supports Nikon Z 50 with Zayla L-bracket

3 Legged Thing supports Nikon Z 50 with Zayla L-bracket
(Image credit: 3 Legged Thing )

Following on from its custom-fit Zelda L-bracket for the  Z 6 and Z 7, left-field camera support maker 3 Legged Thing has launched a pair of Zayla L-brackets, designed to snuggly cradle the Nikon Nikon Z 50 mirrorless camera. 

There are two variants. The regular Zayla has an industry-standard Arca Swiss plate fitting, while Zayla PD adds Peak Design V3 Capture Clips compatibility, enabling the camera to be clipped securely to belts, straps or bags. 

The Zayla PD works with Peak Design Custom Clips to attach to straps, bags, belts and similar items (Image credit: 3 Legged Thing)

Precision milled from aircraft-grade magnesium alloy, Zayla and Zayla PD fit the Z 50 body perfectly, giving full access to the battery door, memory card slot, and side ports with the bracket in place. They come in two colours, Copper and Metallic Slate.

The L-brackets feature locator tabs that fit around the base of the camera to prevent any twisting once the camera is secured to the bracket. For additional security when attached to a tripod, both brackets also come with security screws. The vertical aspect of both Zayla system L-brackets enable the attachment of screw-in straps, or accessory arms, which will prove particularly useful for filmmakers or vloggers who wish to add an external microphone, light, or video monitor to their setup.

There are also screw mounts in the base of both Zayla and Zayla PD that can be used for the attachment of screw-in straps. For users of traditional strap systems, the L-brackets feature a strap slot on one end of the base and give clear access to the camera strap lugs on both sides.

The L-brackets are available in Copper or Metallic Slate colours, matching the schemes of 3 Legged Thing's tripods (Image credit: 3 Legged Thing )

3 Legged Thing Founder and CEO, Danny Lenihan commented: “When Nikon first announced the Z 50, we were excited about the prospect of again working in collaboration with one of the world’s most recognized brand names, to create an L-Bracket dedicated to the camera. It’s a huge honour for us to be given the opportunity to work on the Z 50, and create this essential accessory before the product was even launched, and is testament to the incredible impact of our Zelda Bracket for the Z 6 and Z 7.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Nikon UK Marketing Director, Jeremy Gilbert, adds: “Zayla is a great addition to the range of dedicated L brackets made specifically to fit Nikon Cameras. As always, 3 Legged Thing have taken great pride in their work and the attention to detail is testimony to this. If you own a Nikon Z 50, Zayla would make an excellent addition to your system.”

The custom-fit design enables precise cutouts for important connectors (Image credit: 3 Legged Thing)

Pricing and availability

While there are plenty of generic L-bracket options around, there’s nothing quite like a custom-fit option designed specifically for your camera body, especially when coupled with 3 Legged Thing’s eye-catching styling. The Zayla is available now and costs £80/$90 while the Zayla PD will be available in March 2020 and can be pre-ordered now for £90/$100.

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