"I handled it and fell in love with it. A camera, it’s just a camera, but my god, what a camera." – From Nikon to Leica, with love

Black and white tumbledown building photographed using a Leica
(Image credit: Jeremy Walker)

I had used Nikon since my college days, back in the early Eighties. Everyone who I ever assisted used the same combination of Nikon, Hasselblad, and Sinar. It’s what the pros of the time used, and who was I to buck the trend? Obviously, as a student, Hasselblad and Sinar were way out of my budget, but I was able to afford a used Nikon F2A and a couple of second-hand Nikkor lenses. 

I then remained with Nikon for the rest of my career. I was privileged to represent it as a brand ambassador in 2016-17, shooting the launch brochure for the Nikon Df. I have always enjoyed using Nikon cameras and lenses; the bodies have always suited me ergonomically, and the lenses – of course – were of the highest quality available. From the F2A and F4S through to the D2X and onto the D850, I have loved the handling and usability of the Nikons.

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Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker is an award-winning professional photographer with many years of experience specialising in high-quality landscape and location photography from around the world for use by advertising, design, and corporate clients. A belief in 'quality is everything', a meticulous approach and a far-reaching vision and style serve Jeremy and his clients well.