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55 free Photoshop brushes for photographers

41. Powder brushes (opens in new tab)

A different take on powder brushes, these ones make good fog but can also be applied behind a subject to make them stand out a little from their background. 

42. Crack brushes (opens in new tab)

Another set of crack brushes, these might be the most realistic you come across. They're great to add to walls in your photos, because no one wants to wait for nature to create that grungy effect, do they?

43. Hi res grunge brushes (opens in new tab)

These grunge brushes are good for adding to urban photos, but they're also handy as a final texture of a vintage shot.

44. Lens flares (opens in new tab)

Another set of lens flares, these ones may look a bit cartoon-esque, but actually contain all the necessary elements to build a flare. Even if you just use some of the sparkling aspects, they can add a touch of light to your images.

45. Light beams (opens in new tab)

A simple way of creating a light source, these beams are easy to use for brightness and work best with outdoor images. Reduce the opacity for best results. 

46. Vines brushes (opens in new tab)

Creating the overgrown look may seem like hard work, but these vine brushes can certainly come in handy for that. They're realistic, much easier to blend in than stock photos and can be a nice addition to an old building in your photo.

47. Fur brushes (opens in new tab)

A set of brushes that you definitely need if you're a digital artist, photographers can still find plenty of use with them too. Think of these fur brushes as being retouching tools for your pet portraits.

48. Spotlight brushes (opens in new tab)

These are simple but satisfying light effects that look great when applied with the right blend mode. Experiment to see what works best. 

49. Circular brushes (opens in new tab)

While these brushes may look a little underwhelming, they can be blended into your work for a nice bokeh effect, and work well as sun flares in your photos.

50. Texture brush (opens in new tab)

Fancy even more texture in your work? These ones are good for grungy photo filters, but just play around with them and see what else can you use with them. They're appropriate for low-fi and retro photos, too.

51. Star brush (opens in new tab)

One of the most elegant free star brushes on the web, this brush lacks drama but can add a neat flourish to your image. 

52. Skin textures brushes (opens in new tab)

A must-have for retouching, this pack is great for sorting the skin of your subjects. These brushes look realistic and are best combined with Surface Blur for even better results. 

53. Textures brush (opens in new tab)

Another set of textures that work well either in the foreground or the background, you can use this as a border or on objects in your image. 

54. Cloud brushes (opens in new tab)

A set of versatile cloud brushes, these ones are good for most times of day, and work in any colour. There are dense ones and sparse ones in this pack, too. 

55. Aurora brush (opens in new tab)

There's probably nothing more annoying for a photographer than making a long trip to a location, and then missing the shot. These brushes may help with that, if you do want to fake the Northern Lights in your image. 

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