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The best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals in January 2022

Samsung Galaxy S10 deals
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may not be the latest in the Galaxy S series, but it can still put many of its current rivals to shame. There are now some great offers around on the S10, so if you are looking the the very best Samsung Galaxy S10 deal, you are in the right place.

Launched in February 2019, the Galaxy S10 is one of a family of four handsets. If you want a bigger screen, then there is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If you want a budget camera phone, then you will probably want to consider the Samsung Galaxy S10e. And if you live somewhere you can take advantage of 5G, then you should definitely look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. But the all-round best value choice is the 'standard' S10, and there are a lot of great deals around now, as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and its family are now on sale.

The S10 has three rear-facing cameras: in addition to the primary 12 megapixel wide-angle camera, there is an ultra-wide camera and a telephoto camera, giving you the choice of filling the frame with a much wider range of subjects than with some phones.

(Image credit: Samsung)

In the table below, you can see all the best deals that we have found today... allowing you to make the best choice. Remember the Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in a choice of colors - white, black, blue and green. And you will also have to make a choice about how much storage you need – there are 128GB and 512GB options available.

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