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Best iPhone 12 cases & best iPhone 12 Pro cases: keep your smartphone smart

The best iPhone 12 cases and iPhone 12 Pro cases
(Image credit: Ted Baker)

Investing in one of the best iPhone 12 cases is always a good idea, after all, you want to protect your lovely new (expensive!) device from any accidental drops or scratches. While the Apple iPhone 12 does feature a ceramic shield, this only covers the front of your device; the back is covered with the same glass as last year's iPhone 11 and we all know, that can be pretty fragile. So, if you want to avoid disaster, you'll need to protect your device with the right phone case or cover.

The good news is that cases designed for the iPhone 12 are also fit on the iPhone 12 Pro – BUT you will need a different case if you are by the iPhone 12 Mini, or the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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New this year is Apple's MagSafe technology, which allows devices to charge more efficiently, and also secures cases in place efficiently, and allows for accessories to 'piggyback' on your phone, such as a leather wallet for storing cards (sold separately for $59/£59).

Fortunately, if you’re the proud new owner of one of today’s best camera phones, there are a lot of options for keeping it safe, from ultra-slim, clear cases that show off your iPhone 12's full design to rugged shells that can survive huge drops and harsh environments.

The best iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro cases in 2020

To protect the square edges of your iPhone 12 and the camera, you need a phone case that uses a shock-absorbent material such as silicone or rubber. If you’re a careful person who looks after your devices, then a slim-line phone case might be all that you need. At the end of the day, the best iPhone 12 case for you depends on what you want from your smartphone – on whether you prioritize style or safety, and what you use it for.

The best iPhone for photography

To help you find the best iPhone 12 case, the cases in our selection here are optimized for camera phones in particular, so whatever level of protection you’re after, you’ll find something that will aid you to take great photographs quickly. 

All the cases featured here fit iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, since they are identical in size - and have the same shaped camera unit.

(Image credit: Apple)

1. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

The best silicone case from the official makers

Color: Plum, Red, Black, Cypress Green, Kumquat, Pink Citrus, White

Handles well
MagSafe charging
Various cool color options
Being an Apple product it's a bit pricey

All of Apple's cases for the iPhone 12 lineup come with MagSafe support, which makes life simpler: not only does this case support the new magnetic accessories for the iPhone 12, like the MagSafe charger, but it also just slides and snaps onto your device in a hugely satisfying way. The soft-touch finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand and provides good grip, while the interior has a soft microfiber lining for added protection.

(Image credit: Apple)

2. Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

The best clear iPhone 12 case for everyday use

Color: Clear

Super slim design
MagSafe charging
Plastic feels hard
Being an Apple product it's a bit pricey

This clear iPhone 12 case gives solid protection while enabling you to see the beautiful color and design of your iPhone 12. Being an Apple product, this case is a little bit expensive, but the quality and fit is excellent. The case works perfectly with Apple's new set of MagSafe accessories like the charger so you can get up to 15W faster wireless charging, and the case snaps onto your device in a magical way. The case feels solid and is grippy enough, so you can shoot safely, knowing your phone won't slip out of your hand.

(Image credit: Spigen)

3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iPhone 12

The best value clear case with good protection

Color: Clear

Super slim design
Great balance of style and usability
Adds a little bulk
Not as tough as some other cases

Spigen offers a whole host of iPhone 12 cases, but this one caught our eye due to its slender frame: With a slim grip design, enhanced shock absorption, a dual-layered structure for extra protection, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid won’t add as much bulk to your phone as some other cases, but it'll give you great protection. The Herringbone-textured rubber looks great and is smooth but grippy, so you can rest assured that your phone won't slip out of your hand while you're taking photos. You should note that this case isn't as tough as the most protective ranges on the market, so if you're prone to dropping your iPhone, for instance, then a phone case from Otterbox might be a better choice. But if you're looking for a balance of style, functionality and usability, this is one of the best cell cases you can buy.

(Image credit: Griffin)

4. Griffin Survivor Extreme for iPhone 12

The best value weather-proof iPhone 12 case

Color: Black

Slim design
Easy to handle
Quite pricey

Built to live up to its name, Extreme’s the case you want if you're an outdoorsy type who likes to take pictures on your smartphone in harsh conditions. This case guards against heavy impacts, scrapes and scratches, dust and dirt, and microbes that lead to stains, odors and degradation. It features a four-layer construction and has FortiCore shock absorption technology and the raised-edge bezel provides the screen with much needed protection. 

(Image credit: Ted Baker)

5. Ted Baker anti-shock iPhone 12 case

One of the best fashion phone cases for everyday use

Color: Jasmine print, Elderflower

Slim grip design
Handles well 
MagSafe and Qi wireless charger compatible
Could be tougher

This clear shell case from fashion label Ted Baker has been adorned with a stunning floral design (choose Jasmine or Elderflower) and it's slightly see-through so your iPhone 12 shows through in a really appealing way. But, it's not all about style: An AirWall-lined TPU bumper edge adds protection while allowing access to all ports and controls. It's really comfortable despite being a little chunkier than the Spigen and Apple products reviewed here, but it’s manageable and not slippy, so grips well. 

(Image credit: Ted Baker)

6. Ted Baker book-style iPhone 12 case

The best folio case for fashionable people

Color: Rose Gold and Floral designs

Very protective
Good grip 
Quite bulky

Trust your iPhone 12 with this striking folio case from fashion label Ted Baker. It features an electroplated surround that will protect your iPhone 12's edges whilst Ted Baker's print adds a touch of new-season style to your device. There are various designs to choose from, like the ever-popular rose gold glitter design to floral designs (as pictured here), and these cases feature an interior mirror – just perfect for a quick touch-up before taking a selfie. The Ted Baker book-style case fits the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro perfectly, and feels grippy.

7. OtterBox Symmetry case for iPhone 12

A fairly slim-line phone case that offers great protection

Color: Black, Rose, Earl Grey, Clear

Slim and durable
Great protection
Larger than a slim-line case

If you're the type of person who is always dropping or knocking your iPhone, then you'll want to consider this case from OtterBox. While OtterBox is best-known for its robust protection and fairly bulky cases, this Symmetry case is lighter and thinner, but still offers really good protection. The build quality is excellent, marrying a synthetic rubber interior with a durable polycarbonate outer shell, and it's easy to take on and off. This case will still add a little bulk to your phone, but if you’re after a pocket-friendly iPhone 12 case with great protection for the size and weight, this Symmetry case is well worth a look. The button covers are big and tactile, which add to its appeal.

(Image credit: Moshi)

8. Moshi Altra Wrist Strap case for iPhone 12

The best slim case with a wrist strap

Color: Midnight Blue and Sahara Beige

Good grip
Great protection
Larger than a slim-line case

This Altra case features a quick-release detachable wrist strap and optional crossbody strap which is ideal if you're a person who likes to have your hands free but your phone ready to use. The case's textured grip makes holding the phone in one hand or taking photos safe and convenient, and it also has responsive metal buttons that provides easy access to your device's key controls. The Altra case features Moshi's proprietary NanoShield anti-microbial coating which is said to kill germs and bacteria upon contact. And it supports Moshi's handy SnapTo magnetic mounting system for SnapTo Car Mount, and is compatible with wireless charging. 

(Image credit: Oterkin)

9. Oterkin case for iPhone 12

The best value cellphone case with the best protection

Color: Clear

Built-in protection
Great value
Not the best-looking case

Offering a compact case with water and dust resistance built-in, as well as a screen protector, the Oterkin may not be a looker but it will undoubtedly keep your phone dry, safe, and in one piece. Although it's a little on the chunkier side, the Oterkin case still supports wireless charging, while shock-absorption ensures your device will survive whatever you may throw at it.

(Image credit: Nudient)

10. Nudient V3 case for iPhone 12

A high-quality suede case for the iPhone 12

Color: Various: Sangria Red to Dusty Pink and Clay Beige.

Available in many colors
Great value
Not as drop-resistant as some others

Partnering with award-winning Scandinavian designer, Jesper Ståhl, Nudient’s vision to cultivate the world’s most precise, thin phone case has been brought to life in an understated Scandinavian design. It's one of the best-looking case on this list, but, what's more, the Nudient V3 has some nice features to match. An inner suede fabric layer prevents dust scratching your device, while the outside has three layers of rubberized material which make it a joy to hold. At just 0.75 millimeters thin, it's incredibly thin and is also compatible with wireless charging.

You can purchase the Nudient V3 case for iPhone 12 via the Nudient website.

(Image credit: Snakehive)

11. Snakehive Leather Wallet for iPhone 12

A high-end case that's great value for money

Color: Grey, Dark Green, Navy, Plum

Great value
Good grip 
Adds a bit of bulk

This case from Snakehive is a classy, high-end, vintage-looking folio case at a very affordable price. The cases come in subtle colors, like Bottle Green and Vintage Teal and look attractive. There's room inside from three cards and cash, so it could replace the need for a separate wallet. It closes magnetically with a neat metal clasp that snaps onto the front. The case features some fittings inside which means you can use it to stand the screen at an angle, so watching videos becomes a more comfortable experience.

(Image credit: Greenwich)

12. Greenwich Blake Leather Case for iPhone 12

The best iPhone 12 case that money can buy

Color: Various subtle colors

Luxurious texture
Good grip
Very expensive

The Blake is expertly tailored from the finest leather and Acantara – the same used in the interior of a Bentley – which ensures a great feel and durability, and, of course, feels incredibly luxurious. It features an inner card pocket and either a brass or gunmetal finish electroplated amored surround. A contrast-textured lining finishes off the case by adding a luxurious feel to the inside. And there’s also a snap-back compartment on the rear to allow for extra storage. 

(Image credit: Mujjo)

13. Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone 12

The best value slim-line, wallet-style leather case

Color: Black, Tan

Elegant, slim-line design
Good grip
Excellent functionality
Not as protective as some others

This Mujjo case has an elegant slimness to its design, that's thanks to the unique way that the leather wraps around the iPhone 12 and protrudes just 1mm to protect the screen. The same leather make the buttons feel lovely and the functionality is great: there's even a special silent mode button so it's easy to access. The soft leather finish, appealing feel and price of this Mujjo case is what sets it apart from others.

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