The best MacBooks for students in 2024

Apple MacBook
(Image credit: Apple)

Every student needs a computer, and as Apple produces some of the best laptops out there, why not equip yourself for university life with a MacBook?

MacBooks have a reputation for being expensive, but the gap is closing with Windows laptops, especially among the higher-end models. The 15-inch MacBook Air with its M2 processor is now the ideal model for students, as the battery life is long, the chassis thin and light, the screen big enough for serious work, and with enough power inside whether you’re producing reams of essays or completing video editing tasks. And if you need more power, the MacBook Pro line is waiting – whilst for those with the tightest budgets can still get a very capable laptop with the basic 13-inch MacBook Air.

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Ian Evenden
Freelance tech journalist

Ian Evenden has worked for newspapers, magazines, book publishers, and websites during his almost 25 years in journalism, and is never happier than when taking a new piece of expensive technology out of its box. When he's not slaving over a hot keyboard, he lies in wait for wildlife before shooting it with a long camera lens.