Tutorial files for Digital Camera 167


Get start files for the August 2015 issue’s Digital Darkroom tutorials, plus files to accompany the Master Photoshop In A Day ebook included with this issue In Digital Camera 167, on sale from Friday 17th July, our Digital Darkroom section helps you develop your image-editing skills, with guides for Lightroom and Photoshop. Where indicated in… Continue reading

The cycling photographer: Fulvio Silvestri shares his adventures

Digital Camera Fulvio Silvestri-4

Cycling photographer Fulvio Silvestri is a modern daydreamer who finds himself balancing on the edge between the quiet life of a provincial teacher and photographer, and the adventurous wanders of a restless, long-distance bicycle traveller and old school landscape photography enthusiast! Over the last few years he has covered about 20,000 km on his two-wheeled, free carbon… Continue reading