Camera Jungle: the REAL reason you should buy used equipment (Sponsored)

Camera Jungle: the REAL reason you should buy used equipment (Sponsored)

Camera Jungle: the REAL reason you should buy used equipment (Sponsored)

We’re living in a golden age for photographers, where vast improvements in technology have opened up new realms of creative possibilities.

From capturing fast-moving action sequences to taking pictures in extreme low-light, there’s not a whole lot we can’t do with our cameras these days. But all this technology can come at a steep price.

Thanks to Camera Jungle, it doesn’t have to.

Save money buying used

Did you know that upgrading to a more professional camera like the Canon EOS 5D Mark IIcould cost you significantly less if you bought it second-hand? Many exceptional cameras can be purchased for just a fraction of their original price when you buy a used model. For instance, the full frame Canon EOS 5D would cost you the same amount as the entry-level Canon EOS 1200D new in the box.

There are loads of cameras, such as the full-frame Nikon D700, which offer professional grade features and image quality, and can be had for a fraction of their original price when purchased second-hand.

Camera Jungle specialises in sniffing out these bargains and bringing you the best deals on the best second-hand cameras and lenses.

And Camera Jungle doesn’t just sell any used camera. Each item is fully tested, professionally cleaned and photographed before being sold.

What’s more, you can zoom in on the hi-res images on Camera Jungle’s website giving you the closest possible experience to physically handling the product.

Each product comes with a 6-month guarantee; this is the equivalent of a manufacturer’s guarantee. What’s more, every camera is sold with a complete set of standard accessories like a lithium-ion battery charger and strap.

As well as cameras, Camera Jungle also stocks lenses and a host of other accessories and gear.

And if you prefer to buy new, Camera Jungle also stocks brand-new, UK-sourced cameras, lenses and accessories.

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Trade in your old cameras

You might also consider trading in your own used camera or lens before upgrading.

Camera Jungle promises a fast and easy, three-step trade-in system which will give you an online quote in mere seconds.

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And if you want that hands-on experience, you can visit Camera Jungle’s new showroom in Surrey.