Nest Traveller NT-6294AK review: does this new tripod throw down the gauntlet?

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    The Nest Traveller NT-6294AK is lightweight, can support a hefty 20kg load and costs £200. Is this the perfect tripod? Find out in our review.

    Nest Traveller NT-6294AK review: does this new tripod throw down the gauntlet?

    With a tripod to suit every requirement and budget already out there, newcomer Nest really needs to pull off something special.

    The Traveller NT-6294AK’s legs are good old aluminium (a carbon version is also available), but with a 29mm maximum diameter and secure twist-grip leg locks, this is one reassuringly rigid set of legs that’ll support a hefty 20kg load.

    The ball head slightly lets the side down with a weight limit of 10kg, but its compactness is better suited to lighter set-ups anyway.

    You get an adjustable friction dial to compensate for different camera weights, though, plus a smooth rotating pan base and a well-designed Arca-Swiss-compatible quick-release plate.

    In addition, the Traveller’s monopod-conversion enables one leg to be removed and reattached directly to the head.

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    Considering this largest member of the Traveller line-up has a modest folded height of 450mm, it’ll still stretch to a useful 1,660mm.

    Angle selectors expand the legs to 22 or 75° so you can shoot from just 285mm off the deck.

    Tipping the scales at 2.2kg makes this a somewhat portly platform, but a little extra weight is easy to shrug off given Nest’s outstanding quality, versatility and value.

    Price: £200

    Score: 5/5


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