Giottos Silk Road YTL8384 tripod review

Giottos Silk Road YTL8384 tripod review

This new carbon tripod is slimmer than most, but is it up to the job? Find out in our Giottos Silk Road YTL8384 tripod review

Giottos Silk Road YTL8384 tripod review

Tripods and round tubing go hand in hand, right? Well not so for Giottos. In the quest to make its latest tripods as compact as possible, the YTL series features a Y-shaped central column cross section.

This enables the tripod legs to nestle into each recess of the centre column for a 30% slimmer folded profile. It’s a subtle change but makes a big difference when stashing the tripod in a tight spot or carrying it.

And on the YTL8384 this isn’t the only trick the central column can pull. A hinged mounting point enables it to be pivoted and rotated through 180 degrees, making it easier to shoot from the angle you want. Minimum and maximum heights of 18cm and 182cm respectively add even more versatility.

Build and material quality are top notch thanks to rigid eight-layer carbon fibre legs rated to support a hefty 8kg. Reassuringly precise leg angle adjusters and quick-release extension clamps add to the substantial feel.

Another nice touch is that it has rubberised leg grips for some extra cold weather comfort, as well as some printed height markings on each leg to help set everything up level.

Although this tripod’s 58cm folded length and 1.66kg weight can’t match the outright portability of some carbon rivals, this is still no heavyweight and that slimline centre column really aids compactness.

You will need to factor in the cost of a tripod head, but usefully the top mounting plate can accept 3/8” or 1/4” designs.

Buy it:
Price: £269

Score: 4/5


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  • roy goulden

    *BE AWARE”
    I would advise anybody considring the purchase of a Giotto tripod to reconsider…
    have been using a MTL8360B CF tripod for a couple of years now but
    started having problems with the legs sticking and being extremely
    difficult to extend not long after purchase… Just recently one of the
    legs just fell apart,!!! each of the lock joints is dependant on wafer
    thin ‘plastic’ shims and it appears one of these on my tripod has
    completely failed.. I have tried contacting Giotto (no response) they do
    not (apparently) have a UK distributor and I am becoming increasingly
    frustrated trying to source the spares needed… It appears from my
    research that all Giotto tripods throughout the range are dependant on
    the same locking/sliding system and therefore prone to the same
    Thank god I kept my old Manfrotto.
    R. Goulden