Levitation Photography Tutorial: how to do photos that defy gravity

Levitation Photography Tutorial: how to do photos that defy gravity

Is levitation photography real? No, of course not, but you’ve probably wondered how some photographers manage to capture levitation photos of their subjects hovering in the air? Yes there are some clever Photoshop effects involved in levitation photography, but there are also some key camera skills necessary to produce a suitable start image.

Levitation Photography Tutorial: how to do photos that defy gravity

In our big levitation photography tutorial we’ll show you everything you need to know to make models float. We’ll start with setting the scene of your shoot and go through the best camera settings and other in-camera skills you’ll need to know to produce suitable source photos.

Then we’ll move to the photo editing stage and show you how to use a few key Photoshop effects to get the levitating look you’re after. By the end we’re certain you’ll learn how to do levitation photography like a pro.

There are two ways to use this levitation photography tutorial.

On this page you can watch our video to see us perform the levitation photography tutorial in live action. Sometimes it’s easier to see things than read about them.

If you prefer to follow our levitation photography tutorial at your own pace, on the subsequent pages we’ve included the traditional step-by-step tutorial, broken down into two sections for shooting and editing.

Finally, you can use your own levitation photos for this tutorial, or you can also download the images we made and follow along with us.

Click here to download our levitation photos

Levitation Photography Video Tutorial


PAGE 1: Levitation photography video tutorial
PAGE 2: How to shoot levitation photography
PAGE 3: How to edit levitation photography to make your subject float


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