Winning entries from our portrait photography competition

By Jim Mortram

To celebrate the launch of Digital Camera’s special Portrait Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Better People Photos, we ran a competition on our Facebook page asking people to submit their best portrait photography to our wall.

Entries were of a high standard and made it very difficult to choose our five winners! We’ve listed five commended entries along with the winning shots, and included an explanation by Deputy Editor Paul Grogan as to just what it is we like about these photographs. The winning photographers will each receive a copy of Portrait Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Better People Photos.

Winning entries

By Jim Mortram

Documentary reportage at its finest – it’s as if the camera isn’t even there. – Paul Grogan, Deputy Editor

By Sevgi Ky

This is an intriguing and highly original portrait, and the processing suits the subject perfectly. – Paul Grogan, Deputy Editor

By Paul McMahon

The background is slightly distracting in this shot, but it gives it an on-the-fly feel, and the intensity of the girl’s gaze, and the superb processing, more than make up for it. – Paul Grogan, Deputy Editor

By Daniel Reichert

Composition is the key to this stunning image, with the cello and its strings dividing the frame into quarters and framing the musician quite brilliantly. I also like the really tight crop of the subject’s face and head. – Paul Grogan, Deputy Editor

By Finn Dudaniec

A costume drama in every sense of the word. I particularly like the slightly off-kilter composition, and the carefully placed joker in the hat. – Paul Grogan, Deputy Editor

The five winning entries will each receive a copy of Digital Camera’s Portrait Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Better People Photos.

Commended entries

By Sevgi Ky

Quirky, original and brilliantly posed. The backlighting gives this shot a wonderfully atmospheric feel, and positioning the subject dead centre just goes to show that rules are there to be broken. – Paul Grogan, Deputy Editor

S, by Bart Hoga

I love the make-up in this stylised shot, and the porcelain skin of the model, which is made all the more striking by the deep colour of her dress. – Paul Grogan, Deputy Editor 

Isobel, by Karen Oliver

A priceless expression, perfectly captured, and the processing hits the spot to, with its nostalgic, ’70s feel. – Paul Grogan, Deputy Editor

Mimi in the City, by Ray Liu

It’s the beautifully balanced composition – and the way the background follows the curve of the model’s shoulder – that makes this shot. – Paul Grogan, Deputy Editor

By Daniel Reichert

Getting an expression this natural, and this unguarded, is harder than it looks. A classic head and shoulders shot that really captures the sitter’s personality. – Paul Grogan, Deputy Editor