Pentax cameras: the full and complete range explained

Pentax cameras: the full and complete range explained

One of the oldest brands on the market, Pentax was bought by Ricoh back in 2011. Now, although Ricoh manufactures all of the models, some of them are branded with Ricoh, others with Pentax. Generally speaking, it is DSLR and medium format models which continue to bear the Pentax name, presumably in a nod to… Continue reading

How to create abstract images by dragging your camera


The term ‘camera drag’ may not sound like a particularly good idea, but don’t worry, we guarantee that your camera will come to no harm. Camera drag is actually a technique that adds motion blur to your images by moving the camera during an exposure to render the scene as an abstract palette of colours…. Continue reading

The 10 biggest reasons your shots are soft (and how to avoid it)

Single AF point

Soft shots are the bane of the serious photographer’s life, and a major reason why images get rejected by stock image libraries or lose out in camera club competitions or photo society distinctions. Anyone can zoom into images at 100% with software these days, meaning that any soft areas are painfully obvious. So what can… Continue reading