Best telephoto lens in the mid-price range: 8 models tested and rated

Best telephoto lens in the mid-price range: 8 models tested and rated

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your ‘budget’ telephoto but can’t stretch to a fully professional lens, there are some smart mid-range options to be had. We test 8 top optics to find out which is the best telephoto lens for your money.

Who owns a photo once it’s put online: free cheat sheet to understanding copyright

Who owns a photo once it's put online: free cheat sheet to understanding copyright

Who actually owns a photo once you upload it to the internet? This fantastic photography cheat sheet compiled by Clifton Cameras answers some of the key questions about copyright for photographers. From cases like David Slater’s famed monkey self-portrait to social media ownership to how to protect your photos online, this handy infographic should set… Continue reading

Taking your first photos this Christmas: 4 ideas to shoot and how to shoot them


If you’re new to photography or if you’ve just upgraded to a new camera – perhaps you’ve bought yourself one in the sales – and taking your first pictures with a camera that gives you more control, you’re probably feeling conflicting emotions. On one hand you’re probably itching to get shooting some of the many picture opportunities that abound at Christmas, but on the other feeling a bit daunted and unsure about what to photograph.

This Week in Photography – news from 8-14 December

The most expensive image in history

Welcome to our weekly photography news section, with the stories that matter to serious photographers from the week of 8-14 December 2014.

How to use continuous mode to shoot static subjects

How to use continuous mode to shoot static subjects: step 3

In this tutorial we show you how to enjoy a burst of speed and use your camera’s continuous shooting mode to shoot static subjects.

How to improve your photography in 60 seconds


The art of ‘seeing’ is something that a lot of photographers talk about. It can be a really tough thing to develop, and it sounds a bit ‘deep’, but it really can make a difference. Here’s how it’s done…

Wanted: Digital Camera readers to take part in Photofixer magazine feature

Get shooting with us!

Do you need help with your photography? Have you just invested in a new camera or piece of equipment and feeling out of your depth? Would you like to hang out for the day with a pro and shoot some top quality photographs?! If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then we’re looking for you… Continue reading

Enter your best festive photo to win a DIY camera!


Do you have a great holiday photo just gathering dust on your memory card? Why not enter it into our new photo competition for your chance at winning a Bigshotcamera, the DIY build-it-yourself digital camera!

Christmas gift ideas for photographers: our ideal wishlist

Christmas gift ideas for photographers: 13 Rotolight Sound and Light Kit

From stocking fillers to great budget lenses, we put together our ideal wishlist of Christmas gift ideas for photographers. Some cost £10, some a bit more. Money was no option in making this list. We picked the items we’ve secretly wanted all year long!

Samsung NX1 review

Samsung NX1 review

Samsung NX1 Review: Samsung’s new NX camera offers 4K video recording, a 28MP back-illuminated sensor, 15fps shooting and a 414-point AF system. All impressive specs, but can it walk the walk?