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Best binocular tripod adapter in 2022

Included in this guide:

Best binocular tripod adaptor
(Image credit: Swarovski)

Looking for the best binocular tripod adapter – so that you can rest your arms and steady the image when using your binos? This guide will tell you what to look out for, show you the best models, and help you get the one you choose at the best price.

In times of mass lockdowns it isn’t surprising that there’s been a boom in the sales of binoculars and telescopes, both providing a means of distraction and escape. For weightier, higher powered binoculars, however, the traditional practice of hand holding them or even using a binocular harness can literally become wearing over time – particularly for those studying wildlife or gazing at the stars for extended periods. 

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The solution? Connecting your binos to a tripod, thereby allowing for hands free operation, avoiding hand shake or other vibrations that can interfere with your viewing, plus literally taking the weight off and avoiding long-term discomfort. 

On larger binoculars, the tripod bush is normally found at the front, on the hinge between the two objective lenses – and hidden from sight beneath a screw-in plastic cap. But to use this socket with a tripod you need some sort of adaptor. This is usually a metallic bracket like device, with a bolt that attaches to the tripod socket, and with a 1/4in screw hole at the bottom that then attaches to the tripod itself.

While not all binoculars have a screw thread allowing them to be attached directly to a tripod,  there are clamp type adapters that ensure you can still get a stable viewing platform for your binoculars.

In short, there is a solution available in most cases, which we’re exploring in more detail below. If you have got a screw thread then there are multiple options, while if you haven’t that at least allows you to focus in on the strap/clamp type options, helpfully narrowing the search.

So without further ado let’s explore the best tripod adapters for binoculars you can currently buy…

(Image credit: Celestron )

1. Celestron 93524 Roof & Porro Binocular Tripod Adapter

Whichever the make or style of binoculars, this affordable metal build option won’t obscure your view or dent your wallet

Screw thread: 1/4-inch
Dimensions: 5.08x5.08x13.97cm
Construction: Metal
Weight: 90g
Additional features: Elongated thumbscrew, tool free attachment and detachment
Reasons to buy
+Fits a range of models+Affordable price+Made of metal
Reasons to avoid
-Empty List

An elegant looking binocular tripod adapter from a known brand – Celestron, in this instance – the device offers compatibility with most roof and porro prism type binoculars and attaches to any pair already equipped with a standard 1/4-inch screw hole. At 11cm in height and weighing just 90g, it’s also a solution that can be dropped into any jacket pocket or kit bag, for retrieval when needed. The base of the adapter is also threaded, therefore allowing it to be attached to the top plate of the tripod in use. A sturdy metal build should ensure this option withstands plenty of use. Attached and detached by hand, no specialist tools are required.

(Image credit: Snapzoom)

2. Snapzoom Universal Binocular Tripod Mount

Best binocular tripod adapter if you have no threaded socket on your binos

Screw thread: Not applicable
Dimensions: 16.5x8.3x1.9cm
Construction: Nylon
Weight: 179g
Additional features: Comprises adjustable strap for securing binos, plus flat plate for in turn attaching them to a tripod
Reasons to buy
+Strap-and-go design works with nearly all binoculars+Perfect if your binoculars don't have a tripod socket
Reasons to avoid
-Not as secure as a bolted adaptor

Not all binoculars will conveniently provide a threaded screw socket and thereby a means of direct attachment to an adapter or tripod. If yours doesn’t, then this aptly named ‘universal’ adapter provides a one size fits all solution. Here the binos in question are secured to the top of a platform via an adjustable nylon-webbing strap, with the platform itself attaching to a tripod by virtue of a standard 1/4-inch ‘male’ thread. It may look a tad ‘Heath Robinson’ in construction, but for binoculars missing a screw thread this will handily enable use of a tripod nonetheless, while being quick and easy to use with it.


(Image credit: Swarovskic)

3. Swarovski UTA Universal Binocular Tripod Adapter

Best luxury universal binocular tripod adaptor

Screw thread: Not applicable
Dimensions: 6.2 x 4.9 x 2.2in
Construction: Metal and rubber
Weight: 181g
Additional features: Adjustable strap for securing binos, plus metal cradle for attachment to tripod via screw thread
Reasons to buy
+Strap-and-go design works with nearly all binoculars+Has built-in Arca-Swiss compatible tripod plate+Works with pro 3/8in tripod threads, as well as regular 1/4in tripod heads
Reasons to avoid
-Not as secure as a bolted adaptor-Expensive

Swarovski is acclaimed for its high-end binos and telescopes so it makes sense they’d offer a binocular accessory adapter that will allow users to enjoy their hobby further. Its own ‘UTA’ (Universal Tripod Adapter) solution is Arca Swiss compatible and naturally is claimed to be fully compatible with its own EL and SLC binocular ranges. Again this is a strap style contraption that folds over your binos to ‘clamp’ them in place, and is in turn attached to your tripod via 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch screw threads. The well-constructed design is user friendly, flexible and lightweight with it, though shop around to avoid paying an absolute premium for the brand name.

(Image credit: Opticron)

4. Opticron 31004 Binocular Tripod Mount

No nonsense bino-to-tripod adapter bracket suitable for porro prism type devices

Screw thread: 1/4-inch
Dimensions: 6.6x2.54x7.11cm
Construction: Metal
Weight: 24g
Additional features: Thumb wheel style bolt for attaching your binos, then twin quarter inch thread connections provided to tripod
Reasons to buy
+Small & lightweight+Designed for poro prism style binoculars+Made of metal
Reasons to avoid
-Suitable for maximum objective lens diameter of 50mm

This is a small, lightweight yet metal build tripod adapter bracket in no-nonsense black from bino specialist Opticron for porro prism style binoculars with objective lenses of up to 50mm in size. Simplicity itself, the mount offers twin quarter inch screw threads for attaching to a tripod, its configuration allowing for set up in such a way that the mount neither interferes with the view through the lenses, or use of the binos’ central focus wheel. A thumb wheel bolt is provided for securing the binos to the mount itself – so, yes, your own pair will need a threaded socket in the first place – but beyond that no specialist tools are required. Basic but functional and for a pocket money price too, what you see here is what you get!

(Image credit: Vanguard)

5. Vanguard BA-185 Binocular Tripod Adapter

Best binocular tripod adapter for roof prism binoculars

Screw thread: 1/4-inch
Dimensions: 5.2x6.1x1.4-inches
Construction: Metal
Weight: 113g
Additional features: Screws onto binocular between objective lenses; some 50mm+ roof prism binos may have an increased minimum interpupillary distance
Reasons to buy
+Screw-in type design+Designed for roof prism style binoculars+Ergonomic design

Sleek looking, fuss free solution from UK accessory brand Vanguard with a thin ‘bridge’ yet boasting solid build quality to provide added stability for roof prism type binos. These will require a standard 1/4-inch socket; ditto the tripod or monopod you’re intending on attaching them to. A large and flat thumbscrew allows for easy connectivity without the requirement for additional tools, with the device attached by screwing it onto the binocular between the objective lenses, therefore not interfering with your focus wheel or the lenses themselves. The result is clear, relaxed, hands free viewing, while the cost won’t break the bank

(Image credit: Nikon)

6. Nikon TRA-3 Tripod / Monopod Adapter

Sleek design that is perfect for Nikon binocular users

Screw thread: 1/4-inch
Dimensions: 6.10 x 3.81 x 8.64 cm
Construction: Metal
Weight: 86g
Additional features: Screws onto binoculars between objective lense
Reasons to buy
+Screw-in type design+Designed for roof prism style binoculars+Ergonomic design

This streamlined, high quality machine tooled option in black from the reliable Nikon brand – which attaches to your binos and, subsequently, tripod via a common-or-garden 1/4-inch thread for added support – commands a very slight premium over competing ‘no brand’ options. The slender bridge option is compatible with a bunch of Nikon binoculars including its Monarch, Action and Action Zoom series of up to a 42mm objective lens size, plus a handful of others. Like competing options, the device is attached to the binoculars via a turn of a ridged thumbscrew. No need to scrutinise any instructions here – you simply fit it and potential hours of vibration-free viewing pleasure are yours.

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