Use camera settings to make the most of your photography from dusk to dawn

dawn to dusk photography
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In photography, too much light can be a frustrating thing to deal with. There’s generally more than enough light around at lunchtime on a clear summer day, for example, but it’s hard and concentrated, and generally requires a bit of intervention in order to make it work for a picture. 

But what about when there’s not very much light at all? How can you make the most of your camera in fading light or even in the middle of the night? While the best professional cameras are capable of recording stunning photos even in low light, you'll need to time your shoot carefully depending on the results you want.

Marcus Hawkins
Photo expert and journalist

Marcus has been passionate about photography for more than 25 years. A former editor of our sister publication Digital Camera magazine, he has written about photography and cameras for a wide range of clients, including Canon and Jessops. Last time we checked, Marcus was using a Canon EOD 5D Mark IV.

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