Depstech DW49 Pro 4K webcam review: don’t be swayed by the marketing

The Depstech DW49 Pro is a 4K webcam that struggles to deliver, with mediocre image quality, poor audio that is far too quiet, and unreliable autofocus that is best left switched off

Depstech DW49 Pro 4K webcam mounted on top of a PC monitor
(Image: © Alistair Charlton / Digital Camera World)

Digital Camera World Verdict

Although nicely designed with an adjustable monitor stand, included tripod, convenient remote control and optional privacy shutter, the Depstech DW49 Pro is let down by mediocre image quality, unreliable autofocus and poor audio. Marketing images suggesting a large camera lens are simply untrue.


  • +

    Highly adjustable monitor stand

  • +

    Included tripod

  • +

    Included remote and optional privacy cover


  • -

    Unreliable autofocus

  • -

    Poor audio that’s far too quiet

  • -

    Does not live up to the “Pro” name

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It’s amazing how quickly 4K has become the go-to resolution for webcams. Even if such high quality doesn’t necessarily make a difference to the person on the other end of your video call – what with computer processing, internet connection and conferencing platform limitations all taking their toll – 4K has quickly become a must-have.

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Resolution4K at 30 fps
Field of view80 degrees
MicrophoneDual mics with noise canceling
Privacy shutterYes, slider to be stuck on with adhesive
PowerUSB-A, fixed cable, plus USB-C adapter
Mount styleUniversal monitor mount with tripod screw, plus mini tripod
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FeaturesUnusually for a low-price webcam, this one comes with useful extras like a tripod, remote control and optional lens cover★★★★☆
DesignAesthetically this webcam is fine, but the lens is far smaller than advertised and the USB cable cannot be removed. Points scored for the adjustability of a ball-and-socket joint, and how there’s a tripod screw too.★★★☆☆
PerformanceVideo quality is passable in the right light, however, the autofocus performs badly and so too do the dual microphones, which are far too quiet.★★★☆☆
ValueA 4K resolution does not automatically mean top-notch video quality, and nor does a webcam with ‘Pro’ in its name. Even at this price point, there are better value options elsewhere.★★★☆☆
AnkerWork C310

AnkerWork C310
It’s only slightly more expensive but delivers on its 4K promise with great video quality and good audio too. It also has high-quality hardware, an integrated lens cover, USB-C connectivity, twice the frame rate (60 fps), and a wider lens (95 degrees vs 80).

eMeet C960

eMeet C960
At less than half the price of the Depstech, our favorite budget webcam produces good video at Full HD, a wide 90-degree lens, and good audio quality.

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Alistair Charlton

Alistair has been a journalist since 2011 and used to be Deputy Technology Editor at IBTimes  in London. His specialist tech subjects include smart home gadgets, phones, wearables, tablets and dashcams. He is the host of  The AutoChat Podcast.