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Canon EOS 80D Review

Is this impressive-looking Canon the best enthusiast DSLR out there?

Canon gives touch-control over both the main and Quick Menus, and it can really speed up use. The Quick Menu is very useful, providing a speedy route to some of the most commonly used features. It would be nice, however, if this was customisable so that it only contained the features you use on a frequent basis.

Although the 80D’s screen is very good, the viewfinder is still the more natural option for most photographers to use when shooting stills, especially if the subject is moving. This also provides a bright view – and unlike the 70D’s viewfinder, which only covers 98% of the lens field of view, the 80D’s covers 100%. That means there are fewer surprises around the edge of the frame when you review your shots.

In an update on the 70D, it’s possible to select the Creative Filter mode via the 80D’s mode dial. When this is selected, one of 10 filter effects can be applied to JPEG images as they are shot. If you’re shooting raw files or raw+JPEG files, the camera switches automatically to shooting just JPEGs. Although it’s possible to use Creative Filters when composing images in the viewfinder, their impact can only be previewed on the main screen in Live View mode.