"World's first" miniaturized bodycam will call your friends for you if things get bad

PhoneCam as seen at CES 2024
(Image credit: Future)

Wearable tech has been a little quiet at CES 2024 (despite the efforts of Sony and XReal) but that doesn't mean super innovation is missing from the show. 

One company that caught my eye in the previews was Slimdesign and their PhoneCam. PhoneCam is just that, a wearable camera that attaches to your phone and on the face of it, sounds a bit boring, but when you consider the use cases for it, it's pretty epic. 

Seen from the other side of the fabric, a magnetic clip secures the PhoneCam in place (Image credit: Future)

The camera is a wearable that can be attached to your person via a clothing magnet housing or can be clipped on securely. While, yes, its a camera wearable I think it's better described as a body cam with a few more features. The PhoneCam can also double as a Dash Cam for bikes or cars, or even a Doorbell, both have optional mounts costing less than $30. Jacketmagnet clip is $39.

PhoneCam as seen at CES 2024

(Image credit: Future)

PhoneCam is great for personal security, you can be wearing your PhoneCam while out running for example and if you feel threatened or worse, you can simply press the button on the front of the PhoneCam, this in turn sets off your chosen chain of events. You can, for example, stream and communicate with someone who responds in your emergency contact list, starting two-way communication via an attached mobile phone. Your GPS location is recorded and video and audio is recorded locally and into the cloud, and your location is sent to those in your emergency contact list.

PhoneCam as seen at CES 2024

(Image credit: Future)

The camera produced 1080p at 30fps images and video. The PhoneCam costs just $69 and some subscription plans are available if you livestream more than 10 times a month. A casual runner will find the free plan will suit most people anyway.

There is also a business plan which can be used for various applications, which costs $14.99 a month which includes 1000 mins alarm per person, 100Gb of storage and file management features via a web app.

Slimdesign say they should have this ready mid-summer and pre-orders are being taken right now at the phonecam.io site.

See our guide to the best body cameras and the best action cameras – the lines between the two seem to be blurring!

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