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Woman arrested after sneaking into a high school to gain Instagram followers

(Image credit: WPLG Local 10)

A 28 year old former police officer has been arrested after allegedly sneaking into a high school and posing as a student. Audrey Nicole Francisquini snuck onto the campus of American Senior High School in Hialeah, Florida to pass out paper fliers with her Instagram handle and ask students to follow her. 

Francisquini was apparently dressed similarly to other students, wearing a backpack and carrying a skateboard in one hand and a painting in the other. As she was handing out fliers to students, a security guard approached her. She told them that she was a new student who was looking for the registration office. 

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However, according to Law and Crime (via PetaPixel), after she’d received directions, she went past the door and began “harassing a group of students with fliers and follow-asks, preventing them from entering a classroom”. School security confronted Francisquini a second time, but she allegedly ignored them and was subsequently branded a “potential threat”. 

It’s reported that Francisquini continued to ask students to follow her on Instagram – and record her actions – until she was “more or less surrounded by school officials”. She then reportedly made her way to an exit, ignoring the requests of police officers to remain. 

Francisquini was quickly found by local authorities, after they were able to match her Instagram information with her driver’s license. She was arrested and originally held on a $2,000 bail. She was subsequently charged with burglary, interfering with a school function, and resisting arrest without violence. 

At the time of writing, Francisquini’s Instagram account is currently private, with a note in the bio that says:

please share to spread the world
Raising awarenes [sic]
Video Explanation coming stay tuned”

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