The Canon EOS R3 and Nikon Z 9 do battle! Digital Photographer Magazine Issue 276 is out now

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The new issue of Digital Photographer is out now!

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This month we have another amazing issue for you, featuring professional tips, reviews, and practical how-to guides. Here's a sneak peek of what's inside!

Improve your image quality

In our 10 page feature we explain how to get the most from your camera kit  (Image credit: Future)

In our first techniques feature this issue, we explore how to shoot and edit your best-ever digital files by understanding how to make your gear perform at its very best! From p24 we discuss how to improve the quality of your shots by learning how to identify when your gear is performing at its peak and the secret steps you can take to squeeze every ounce of detail from any camera and lens.

Snap the streets

From p36 of the magazine, discover the key skills for amazing candid street images (Image credit: Future)

Get into position, observe and press the shutter - street photography sounds simple, but there’s an art to capturing images with a lasting impression. Starting on p36 of the magazine, we explore this exciting genre with pro photographer Jamie Canning, covering everything from using your lenses to approaching subjects, arranging compositions on the fly and focusing to perfection.  

Capture incredible urban panoramas

Shoot panoramic images in tight urban locations  (Image credit: Future)

Real-estate photography often requires working in busy streets, providing challenges for wide-angle imaging and pano blending. In our creative project this issue, we show you how to capture panoramic images in confined locations and how to overcome the problems of repeating patterns and optical distortions. 

TPS special: Scott Kelby on his favourite things to see at The Photography and Video Show

Photography legend, Scott Kelby lends his voice to our Photo CV pages this month to explain his journey in photography and why he's excited to be speaking at TPS in Birmingham this year (Image credit: Scott Kelby)

TPS special: Bella Kotak on her fairytale images


Explore Bella Kotak's incredible work (Image credit: Bella Kotak)

Bella's images are instantly recognisable for their beauty and delicate colours. Starting on p76, Bella gives us a fascinating glimpse into her creative process and her upcoming talk at The Photography and Video Show on 16th March in Birmingham. 

Pro advice: buying second hand gear


Navigating the second hand gear market can be tricky but with our help you'll be able to bag yourself a deal on your next kit and save yourself a fortune (Image credit: Future)

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Digital Photographer is a monthly magazine, and the kitbag essential for pros, enthusiasts and amateurs alike!

Inside, you'll find practical guides, shooting tips and techniques from working photographers, plus all the latest industry news.

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