Skylum promises 7 Luminar NEO extensions by the end of 2022!

Skylum Luminar Neo extensions
Noiseless AI will be the next Skylum Luminar NEO extension, due at the end of August. (Image credit: Skylum)

In a swift change of gears, Skylum is launching a whole raft of ‘extensions’ to Luminar NEO. These extensions effectively plug in to Luminar NEO to offer new sets of tools, turning the core program into an extensible software platform.

The HDR Merge extension was announced at the end of July as a paid-for extra for Luminar NEO and it looks as if this is a model that Skylum is actively developing.

At the end of August, it will launch a new extension called Noiseless AI which can be used on both raw (ideally) and non-raw images using the power of smart neural network algorithms. It will offer a choice of Low, Middle or High settings, and the ability to adjust Luminosity, Color and Details separately.

The rest of Skylum’s Luminar NEO extensions for 2022 have not yet been disclosed, except to say that four will be delivered in November 2022 and another in December 2022.

HDR Merge and Noiseless AI are the two extensions we know about. The remaining five are still under wraps. (Image credit: Skylum)

Luminar NEO extensions pricing

There is obviously a cost implication with these separate extensions, which are not included in a regular Luminar NEO purchase. Skylum has announced new pricing and subscription plans to allow for this. 

• It will still be possible to buy Luminar NEO on its own, either as a standalone purchase or as a subscription, but this will not include extensions, which must be purchased separately.

• Or you can take out a new Pro Monthly or Yearly Subscription which will include Luminar NEO and all extensions released during the subscription period.

• If you don’t like subscriptions, there will also be a lifetime license and 2022 Extensions Pack offer.

Skylum Luminar NEO extensions are not included with NEO. Subscription plans and bundles will be available, though. (Image credit: Skylum)

This does not signal that Skylum has ceased the development of Luminar NEO itself. It’s keen to point out that the long-awaited Clone & Stamp tool will be added by the end of September. 

To find out more about pricing, bundles, subscriptions, and early bird offers, check out the latest deals at the Skylum store.

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