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Shoot underwater with the Lomography Analogue Aqua waterproof camera

Shoot underwater with the Lomography Analogue Aqua waterproof camera
(Image credit: Lomography)

Wish you could shoot underwater with 35mm film? The Lomography Analogue Aqua makes your waterworld wish come true, packing a reloadable film camera with reusable waterproof housing and a roll of 35mm Lomo film. 

Under normal circumstances, the Lomography Analogue Aqua would obviously be ideal for this time of year when everyone is looking to gear up and take advantage of the good weather to hit the beach. 

Clearly there aren’t as many uses for even the best waterproof cameras under the current circumstances, but when the lockdown lifts and we can all get back to normal, this will be an ideal camera to pack for your long-overdue vacation. 

The Analogue Aqua is essentially a Lomography Simple Use Film Camera in an waterproof housing, both of which can be reused. The camera body can be reloaded with 35mm when empty and rehoused to shoot underwater again.

The camera comes preloaded with one of two types of Lomo film – either Color Negative 400 (a 27-exposure ISO100-400 film “for dazzling colours and bold brightness in a variety of lighting conditions”), or Lomochrome Purple (an ISO400 film with 36 exposures “for exquisite earthy reds, crisp plums and velvety violet notes crafted by a fusion of special color compounds”).

The Simple Use Film Camera inside the Analogue Aqua kit features a 31mm lens with an f/9 aperture, capable of focusing from 1m to infinity. It has a shutter speed of 1/120 sec and a built-in flash (with a 15-second press-and-hold recharge time) powered by a single AA battery. 

Both varieties of the Lomography Analogue Aqua are available for $39.90 / £37.90 (Australian pricing to follow) from the Lomo website, with delivery in May. Standard Simple Use Film Cameras are available with Color Negative 400 for $21.90 / £19.90 or LomoChrome Purple for $23.90 / £21.90. 

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